Content Call
Hi Flower Friends!

Today I have 3 Questions for the Content Call. All three questions are *big* questions, important questions and will probably take some deep 
thought. Hence why we are limiting the amount of questions this go around.
Thank you to the ladies who asked about these subjects. Thank you to all of you who will reply and share your thoughts! Because these subjects can be touchy, we are happy to post your reply anonymously if you wish.

Replies are due by Friday, February 7th.

Question #1
I was a teacher for 5 years, and I left my job this past year to be an at-home floral designer (for primarily weddings).  I started my own business 1 1/2 years ago, and I really love making floral arrangements!
However, it's been a financial struggle, and although my husband completely supports my dream of being a floral designer, I sometimes wonder if I'm crazy to leave a secure salary for something that has not brought in much income thus far!  
So what I would really like to know from floral designers--Can this job bring an income that will support your family?  What are the key tools to become successful?  For example, do I need to get into event planning?  How did you persevere in the beginning of your career path?  
I appreciate any and all input!  I really want to have a successful business that is fulfilling!
Thank you,


Question #2

Hi There!

I am in a quandary that seems to always resurface and I would LOVE to hear what others have to say about the topic of event/floral design ethics and code of conduct.  ((Can I remain anonymous so I can blast all over social media?!)) Specifically when it comes to those clients who will do anything to undercut vendors …  For example; the client who asks you to check out a proposal from a competing florist and offer them a better price…I personally will not touch these as I prefer not to work with clients who work this way.  Or a competing vendor who sneakily gets a shopper to check out your pricing…PLEASE STOP!  I guess I just wonder what others do/think/feel about this type of behavior and if we as professionals could agree as a whole to educate our clients about the nature of our creative business and respect our intellectual and creative property.
Food for thought…

Signed, Anonymous in Michigan


Question #3

Thank you so much for bringing up pricing on Flirty Fleurs. With all the gorgeous pictures on Instagram and Pinterest, I am always curious about the real life costs.

I recently returned to floral after many years away from it. I left because of low pay and hard work. Now I am back and with the Internet it's possible to see all the floral art from all over the globe. I am inspired daily! 

I am so impressed with the new generation of designers and their fabulous work. It seems in the last few years floral workshops and classes have really skyrocketed in price. The little Flower School and Ariella are 2 that I follow and would love to participate someday. They seem to sell out and I am so curious how working hourly florists can afford these classes. 

Saw the pictures from the Florabundance workshop that you attended recently and I'm sure it was an incredible experience. ( did not find the cost of that (from Alicia, the cost was $1,100 for three days) ). 

Please educate me since I am jumping in later and am so curious about the investment of continuing education vs. how it reflects in ones income. I do floral work as a labor of love but I also need to make a living wage, truth be told, I am not making a living wage!

Also would like to know what the wage range is across the country. Is it possible to make a living with events only, not having a retail space? Clearly teaching is a new way to increase income. 

Looking forward to hearing back,
Anonymous in Oregon
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