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RAIN Home Visit promotes
onsite infiltration, dryer basements

"When it rains, where does the water go?"

That's the first question Michael Albanese puts to homeowners during the RAIN Home Visit, an hour and half consultation that helps property owners solve water problems that threaten their homes and belongings. Michael is a RAIN Guide for Hamilton Green Venture, one of several Green Communities Canada (GCC) member organizations delivering this innovative program.

The RAIN Home Visit was developed by GCCwith technical assistance from the Institute for…

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Latest news

Floating islands for stormwater treatment. Lethbridge, Alberta is piloting floating islands in their stormwater ponds. The islands are made from recycled plastic bottles and will be planted with native plants. Will they function to filter the contaminated stormwater before it is discharged? How do solutions like this combine with onsite stormwater management?  Join the discussion.

Rain gardens treat agricultural runoff. Researchers in Florida find rain gardens filter farm runoff more effectively and more cheaply than traditional methods. It could be a solution that pleases both the agricultural community and environmentalists.

Stormwater sleuths. LA’s Waterkeepers take stormwater samples by night to find illegal polluters and make them pay. Even though LA’s rainfall levels are low, it suffers from serious runoff pollution. All local waterways are deemed impaired under the Clean Water Act.

Phosphorus loading is the “weak link”Stormwater management improvements are part of a strategy to reduce phosphorus nutrient loadings in Hamilton Harbour by half. Stormwater runoff has been identified in the Hamilton Harbour Remedial Action Plan as the second largest contributor of phosphorus to the Harbour, after wastewater treatment plants.

Identifying high risk areas. The Municipal Risk Assessment Tool (MRAT) developed by the Insurance Bureau of Canada is being piloted in Coquitlam, Hamilton, and Fredericton. The tool uses insurance claims, infrastructure information, and climate data to map areas of cities at greatest risk for basement flooding.

Waste diversion leading to water pollution? A composting program in Sonoma County faces closure due to stormwater concerns. Is the answer to build a 29 million gallon pond?

Washington takes action. Washington D.C. is separating its combined sewers and building a stormwater treatment plant - and creating slick videos to promote their actions to the public. Watch the video and join the conversation!

Depave Paradise grabs headlinesRead about the media frenzy surrounding the project, including a wide range of local coverage across the country, and an interview on CBC's As it Happens.

Useful sites

Greening the grey. Green infrastructure for an urbanizing world. News, resources and events from Virginia Tech's Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability

Sustainable Drainage. UK-based site provides case studies, resources, and some great videos about ecological stormwater management.


Best practices in green roof policy implementation. 24 June, 2:00pm. Free webinar.

Ontario Coalition for Sustainable Infrastructure forum. 25 June, Toronto. Tickets available here.

Stormcon. 3-7 August, 2014. The North American surface water quality conference and exposition. Portland, Oregon.

Grey to Green. 25-26 August, 2014. A conference on the economics of green infrastructure, designing for health. Early bird deadline extended to 16 June.
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