December 2020 Newsletter

This year–and certainly the holiday season–has us thinking differently about community and connection. 
At the Center for Healing Neurology, we are well-aware your health needs haven’t stopped because of COVID-19. In response, we’ve worked hard to figure out how to continue to deliver the knowledge and tools you need to address chronic and complex disease. We broadened our telemedicine capacity and expanded services, including at-home lab kits and and remote orders for continuous glucose monitors, cognitive testing, and 14-day at-home cardiac monitoring.

As Dr. Ruhoy embarks on a clinical sabbatical, and I, Gillian Ehrlich, step up to lead our clinic services, I am eager to create new opportunities to nourish your health and the health of our greater community. Currently, we are redesigning our website to better communicate with you as we continue to expand our team and services. We know that 90% of health is what happens outside the doctor’s office and that’s where we aim to reach you next. 

We are also upgrading to a new electronic health record called Cerbo to provide better lab integration, portal options, and itemized billing. Greater efficiency will help us serve you better. Watch for this change within the next six weeks.

On behalf of the entire team at Center for Healing Neurology, thank you for sharing your journey with us and we look forward to growing with you in 2021. In this darkest of seasons, we are warmed by your light. 
All our best, 
Gillian Ehrlich, DNP, ARNP & your team at Center for Healing Neurology

New service: Health coaching

Naomi Pasco, RN, is now offering video health coaching. Through CHN's integrative approach to health and listening deeply, Nurse Naomi will help you identify actionable steps and hold you accountable to your goals. She is committed to your whole health and earnest in her partnership with you to change your life. Health coaching costs $100 per 50 minute session with a minimum sign up of 8 sessions. As a newsletter recipient, you are eligible for a free 30 minute consultation to learn how health coaching can help you personally–a great opportunity as you prepare for the new year!

Winter wellness tips: Digestion

Between the Thanksgiving feasts, the sweet treats of Christmas, the pillowy sufganiyot of Hanukkah, and the deep-fried accras of Kwanzaa, the end of the year is often lived one plate to the next. This holiday season we may be even more prone to overeating as we miss gathering with our loved ones and sharing our food. While yummy traditions can anchor us to our roots and provide connection, our bodies actually crave clarity and lightness. Happy digestion makes for a happy life.
Ayurveda teaches us we are not what we eat, but what we digest. Our food should transform into heat, tissue, immunity, and finally consciousness.Too hot a fire turns food to ash with no nutrients left to absorb. Too cool a fire hinders digestion, turning food into sticky, thick sludge that can clog cellular channels, interrupt cellular communication, and ultimately lead to autoimmune disease. These five tips can help boost your digestive fire this sugary season: 
  1. Prime your stomach with digestive bitters. Take 1/2 of a dropper before a heavy meal or afterwards if feeling sleepy or over fed. Urban Moonshine is one of many brands available. If you’re avoiding alcohol, look for bitter herbs in glycerin–available in children’s digestives. 
  2. Take a deep slow breath before starting a meal. Breathe in gratitude for the food before you and turn your attention to your stomach, so you can ingest mindfully and hear the signals of satiety.
  3. Enjoy hot lemon water before and after eating. Digestion is intended to happen at a certain pH and temperature. While ice cream and iced water can disrupt helpful enzymatic reactions, the gentle acid of lemon or lime and the warmth of warm water can aid digestion. 
  4. Clean your mouth. So much digestion starts in the mouth and a daily routine helps remove unwanted toxins and bacteria.This includes using a tongue scraper every morning, flossing before bed, and brushing twice daily as minimal operations. In addition, daily oil pulling (for example with Daily Swish from Banyan Botanicals) can also take your oral health to the next level.
  5. Triphala! Mix 1/2 tsp of powder in warm water or take 2 tablets before bed to complete the digestion of the day to make space for whatever comes next. According to renowned Ayurveda practitioner and professor Dr. Vasant Lad, triphala is a ‘best life-long friend’ to every person, as a clear body can inspire a clear mind.

Podcast for Healing Neurology

EPISODE 33: Jeannie Di Bon, movement therapist and hypermobility expert
Using her personal experience and more than a decade of professional experience, Jeannie Di Bon helps people with chronic pain, especially those with hypermobile bodies, unlock the benefits of movement. Her process is to build awareness through movement, so we can live more functional and pain-free lives. Listen now on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify
EPISODE 34: Matthew Fogarty – Finding ourselves in nature
Ecopsychology therapist, author and outdoor mentor, Matthew Fogarty discusses orientation and re-orientation as primordial remedies to anxiety and feelings of being lost in our modern society. By starting with our awareness to the place in which we are, we become the ‘place’ itself instead of trying to go somewhere else or be something else. We only have power in this moment with this body to impact our future as well as process our past. Our first step is letting our eyes wander and finding ourselves in the natural world. Listen now on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify

Winter juice recipe

We are photobiologic beings–meaning our cells, especially the retinas of our eyes, respond to light. When that light changes in the winter months in the northern hemisphere, we can become depressed. One way to return this sunlight to our system is by ingesting foods that have freshly photosynthesized the sun, such as juice.

Dr. Ruhoy's juice recipe for seasonal affective disorder combines three rich ingredients: 1 bunch spinach for minerals, 2 beets for nitrates that can increase oxygen circulation, and 1 orange for vitamin C to support our immune system. Together, it’s the glow of summer sunrise over a green grassy meadow. Yum! 

In search of the ultimate juicer? Get $50 off PURE Juicer with this code: PUREHEALING

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All of our services remain unchanged and available to you. Schedule an appointment by calling us at 206-379-1213. 
  • In-clinic appointments
  • Telemedicine appointments
  • Ayurvedic bodywork
  • Pain management and joint treatments
  • Testing including but not limited to:
    • Nutrition and gut
    • Antibody
    • Hormone/cortisol
    • Mitochondrial
    • Small fiber neuropathy
    • Autonomic nervous system
  • IV therapy for nutrients, PK Protocol & IVIg
  • Stem cell therapy 
  • Vasper therapy
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Neurocognitive online testing
  • Continuous glucose monitoring 
  • ZioXT heart rate and rhythm 14-day patch
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