The BC Newsletter, Vol 1, Issue 3, September 2013

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THE BC NEWSLETTER                 

Issue 3, September 2013

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Welcome to the third edition of The BC Newsletter! 

It has been an extremely busy second and third term. In this edition we provide a summary of some of the main events and developments at BCP Unlimited. We also share with you a number of ideas that we hope you find useful and interesting. I am thankful to my colleague Dr Andreas Hansen from Norway who has contributed to this Newsletter.

The BCP Expo Day hosted by ORT SA Cape at Cape Town Science Centre was undoubtedly one of our most exciting events of the year.  BC Unlimited has a Twitter account and has also recently set up several new structures to support our mediators. Two very successful BCP trainings were run- one for Metro Central Education District and the other Open Public Training at UCT. The first group of students registered for the BCP Short Course at UCT are due to submit portfolios of their work, thus completing their course.

I am so pleased to welcome Rabia Edries onto the BC Unlimited team. Rabia has over the past few months added invaluably to the work of the organization and has already started to play a key role in various activities. We look forward to a long and productive association with her.

There are many new ideas already in the pipeline which we will share with you in our next BC Newsletter in 2014.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Remember to follow us on Twitter.

Louis Benjamin.

Feedback from the BCP Expo

24 August, Cape Town Science Centre, Cape Town

43 delegates attended the first BCP Expo Day on 24 August 2013 at the Cape Town Science Centre.

The event was hosted by ORT SA-CAPE and opened by its director, Dr Lydia Abel, herself a cognitive educationist. Les Osler of Hantam Community Education Trust and Dr Louis Benjamin also addressed the group. 

'Thanks to Louis and his team for an enlightening workshop. You made me excited again to continue with the BCP in my class.'


BCP Support

We are very pleased to offer the following support options for BCP Mediators and Mentors:
  • BCP SupportNet Meetings: These support and networking meetings have an open agenda guided by the needs of participants.READ MORE
  • WhatsApp BCP Group: A mobile messaging platform focusing on the needs of BCP Mediators and Mentors. CLICK HERE to send us your name and cellphone number.
  • Twitter: Twitter is a real-time information social network, connecting you to the world. Follow us on Twitter @basicconcepts1

Tips for School Visits

How to prepare for mentoring visits to your school:

New mediators initially feel nervous about mentoring visits to the their class, but it is our experience that they enjoy these classroom visits and benefit from the guidance.

Tips to follow:


Systematic Concept Teaching (SCT) in Troms, Norway:

Dr. Andreas Hansen

The Systematic Concept Teaching-pedagogy will be implemented in 8 Municipalities in the Troms area in Norway, in a project lasting for 3 years (2013-2016).

The project will be run in collaboration between the municipality and National Support System for Special Education in Norway, represented by Andreas Hansen and May-Eli Johansen.

Namaqua Project: Evaluation of Learners

Mentoring Visits

Share some of our recent experiences to project schools. Schools are supported by dedicated project field workers and mentors who provide feedback to mediators while implementing the programme for the first time in their classes. Click on links below to find out more about these classroom visits.

Etafeni Day Care Centre Trust
Metro South Education District: Weltervreden Valley Core Primary
Metro Central Education District: Rosemead Primary

Metro Central Education District: Kenwyn Primary

Introducing Our BCP Fieldworkers

In this issue we introduce Michele Lothian from the Metropole Central Education District in Cape Town. She has been involved with BCP since its inception in 2002 and currently manages the project for the Metro.

I would like to see all Grade R and 1 teachers trained and supported to use the Basic Concepts Programme... - See more at:
'I would like to see all Grade R and 1 teachers trained and supported to use the Basic Concepts Programme...'

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