The BC Newsletter, Vol 3, Issue 1, April 2015

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Vol 3, Issue 1, April 2015

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Welcome to the first edition of The BC Newsletter in 2015! 

After much work, we are excited to launch the Mediator Zone on the Basic Concepts website. This is a space where mediators can share and learn from each other. We hope that all mediators will make use of this resource and contribute to its development so that it becomes a dynamic and inspiring

We are very proud of the outstanding results achieved in the National Spelling Bee by some of the  pupils from the Namaqualand Basic Concepts Project.    This is a remarkable achievement and highlights the success of the Namaqualand project.

Another project we will focus on in this newsletter is that running at the Etafeni Day Care Centre which began in 2012.

Upcoming events including the BC Symposium for Metro Central in June are also profiled, and we review an interesting article on 'teacher talk'. We also highlight a new meta-cognitive programme developed in Brazil.

Hope to see you on the Mediator Zone. And remember to follow us on Twitter.

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Louis Benjamin.

NEW on the BCs web site - Mediator Zone

What stood out for me - was not teaching the content, but how to teach the concept and so much vocabulary is elicited … - See more at:
What stood out for me - was not teaching the content, but how to teach the concept and so much vocabulary is elicited … - See more at:

Welcome to the new Mediator Zone on our web site. This is an exciting new space for mediators to share their ideas, learnings, content, resources, ask questions, voice concerns, watch mediators in action, etc.

We encourage all mediators to register on the zone, contribute content and view other content and resources for ideas, encouragement and inspiration. We are still in the process of uploading resources but keep watching as we will be uploading new content on a regular basis.

For more information click here.

Heroes of the Mind

The programme developed by Chrissie de Carvalho (University of Bahia) aims to stimulate the interest of teachers and children and to promote executive functions in the classroom.

The Heroes programme offers a model and strategies for practice that helps learners to self-regulate, plan and to have greater control of their actions in the classroom.


Etafeni Day Care Centre Project

This project which began in 2012 is based at Etafeni Day Care Centre in Nyanga, Cape Town. Four teachers and the principal were trained as BC mediators and they work with all the children at the Centre (there are 96 children aged from 0 to 6 years) using their home language, Xhosa.

A school preparedness assessment was administered last year with interesting results.


Namaqua Pupils Shine in National Spelling Bee Competition

This project aims to systematically improve the language, cognitive and scholastic functioning of Foundation Phase learners from four multi-grade schools in the Kwena Basin through effecting the quality of teaching and learning. - See more at:
Two Grade 3 pupils from the Namaqua District of the Northern Cape came in the top three places of the 2014 Nationale Spelfees held in October last year.

Tiffany Bezuidenhoudt won the contest and Laurnay Saal came third. Both pupils, from Concordia Primary, participated in the Basic Concepts intervention programme (BCP) when they were in Grade R.


Good Read

What does it means to “talk well” to children? Both at home and in school, good conversation involves the use of what Dickinson and Snow call decontexualized language—language that moves beyond the immediate and literal, the here-and-now, to express past and future events, ideas, images, and explanations. For young children, this kind of talk may include narration about what went on at school, fantasy talk, explanations about books or pictures, and other subjects of interest.

From: Teaching Teachers about Talk (Education Development Center, Inc)



Basic Concepts Symposium: June 2015

Metro Central  Education District, Western Cape Education Department, will be offering BCs Mediators an opportunity to attend a day long refresher and update.

All mediators trained in this Metro since 2001 are invited to attend. We have trained approximately 600 mediators since the inception of the programme.

Click on the link below for more information about this event:

Metro Central Symposium
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