New silkscreen print by Chris Dyer! / Nouvelle sérigraphie par Chris Dyer!
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This week we are launching a new 6 colour silkscreen print with Peruvian-Canadian artist Chris Dyer! This print is live on our site, so get yours today! 

6 colour silkscreen print
Limited edition of 50
26 x 10 inches

Available Online Now

About the print: "This is South America's most ancient Creation God called "Huiracocha" that started appearing during the "Tiahuanaco" culture (from 10,000 BCE), all the way up to the "Incas" (15th century). This graphic is based from a "Chavin" stone carving and many think he is holding San Pedro (psychedelic) cactuses. In depictions by other cultures he is holding snakes and some think he was a type of reptilian Alien. He is mysterious yet always powerful and I liked him so much that I got him tattooed on my arm. Also notice that if you turn him upside down, all the angry faces turn into happy faces, showing the ying yang nature of the creator." - Chris Dyer
Cette semaine, nous lançons une nouvelle sérigraphie de six couleurs avec l'artiste péruvien-canadien Chris Dyer! Cette impression est maintenant disponible sur notre site, obtenez la vôtre dès aujourd'hui!

Sérigraphie 6 couleurs
Édition limitée de 50
26 x 10 pouces
125 $

Disponible en ligne maintenant
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