It's pre-Fall, y'all! 🍂

That means we're experiencing seasonal whiplash as we buy sweet corn and delve into holiday hype while also renting swimming pools by the hour.

In this issue:
  • Gather 'round for the tale of your website's Fairy Godmother. 🪄
  • Dance Dance (office) Evolution + more things we're geeking out about
  • 20th anniversary party pics! 🥳
— Ron and the Geeks
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A Tale As Old As Time The Web (Part 1)

Grandpa from the movie The Princess Bride reading to his grandson. The title of the blog post is at the top: "Website hosting & update plans"Once upon a time, you decided you wanted an awesome website.

After toiling for ages, you finally had THE website of your dreams.

And your website lived happily ever after ...

... not because of an unflappable Prince Charming, but because of something greater and wiser.

We're talking about website hosting and update plans—long considered to be your site's Fairy Godmother.

(Okay, we just made that up, but if the pumpkin carriage fits, who are we to argue?)

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What We're Geeking Out About 🤓

Video screenshot of a desk back in 1980. It's cluttered with an old Apple computer, printer, books and more.
Evolution Of An Office Desk
We absolutely loved this :55 video simulation of how our office desks (may have) evolved over 30+ years.

(Now, if only we could find our red stapler.) 
A round grill that's open to display smoking coals, but instead of a grill, it's the Earth.
Data Centers: Too 🔥 To Handle?
Increasing temps impact everything, including data centers.

Last month, Google and Oracle server farms couldn’t keep their cool—and temporarily went offline.
An example web page with a red comment at top that says: "Why does this look awful?"
Web Typography In 5 Min
Why do some type choices look 👍 while others look 🤢 ?

This 5-min interactive type tutorial explains the logic of great typography so that your web pages look 😘.
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👀  Looking Ahead To Labor Day

The Geeks will cease laboring on Monday, Sep 5,
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Project Highlight: Party Time! 🎉

Sheet cake that's space themed. The top icing is black with planets and stars, and the writing says, "Happy 20th Anniversary, CodeGeek!"
We've been working on some fabulous projects lately, but we have to admit that one of favorites has been throwing ourselves a little shindig. 🥳

We recently celebrated our 20th anniversary together at Rally King Brewing, and there was plenty of food, folks and fun to be had.

(And naturally, we had to party on the same day as the 53rd anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing.) 🌒
Brown table covered in party decor, including CodeGeek's 20th anniversary stickers and glittery stars
Ron is holding up a framed poster that reads, "Keep calm and geek on."
Crowd photo from above of the party goers at Rally King Brewing
Close-up shot of the party favors, which are little clear mesh bags with Hershey's Kisses and Moon Pies

Where In The World Are The Geeks?

Beautiful orange and purple sunset above a meadow and lots of pine trees
Red Feather Lakes –  Jamie and friends spent a rainy weekend (rain not pictured) camping in a secret spot west of Red Feather Lakes.

Wooden crate full of adorable stuffed monkeys donated to Children's Hospital Colorado
#Throwback to Children's Hospital Colorado – Five years ago for our 15th anniversary, we partnered with Jellycat and Fort Collins-based Clothes Pony to donate stuffed monkeys to help kiddos undergoing various treatments.

📣 And now they need our collective help again! Learn more details about how you too can help.

Can you Guess the Geek?
☞ Can you Guess the Geek? ☜ Throughout the year, we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary by looking back at our 20s, and next up is this gal. ⬆

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