MARCH 2022

On The Blog: Totally Tubular Tech From Our 20s

Grid of four images showcasing old techYou may have heard that the Geeks turn the big 2-0 this year! As you can imagine, any milestone birthday brings about times of reflection.

And nothing begets bouts of nostalgia quite like old technology. 💾

So in celebration of CodeGeek’s 20th anniversary (and #NationalRetroDay), we’ve compiled a short list of our favorite retro tech.

Come harken back to the good ol’ days of tech with us and check out our totally tubular photo album. 📷

(For some of us, those days are a bit more sepia-toned.)
Read our super rad post.

More 20th Anniversary Fun!

As promised in last month’s Geek Beat, we’ve got a whole slew of surprises in store — big and small — to help us celebrate our 20th year.

While some of our bigger plans are still hush-hush, we've been authorized to declassify two of our latest super sneaky missions.
Illustrated coconut drink with umbrella and straw

Homepage infused with coconut

Two decades of website fun = lots of amazing memories + plenty to look forward to.

We’ll toast to that!
Colorful bananas falling down CodeGeek's homepage

Even funkier "Banana Mode"

Have you tried our Banana Mode yet?

If not, now’s the best time to give it a spin!
(But watch out: These bananas have come to party.)

What We're Geeking Out About 🤓

Red glass bananas being shaped by a torch
Speaking Of Bananas ...
Watching these expert glass artists melt red glass bananas into a bunch is our new favorite thing.

(And it also makes us a little hungry.) 🍌
"How to Recycle" overlaid on an up-close image of microcircuits
Old Tech? No Problem.
It’s pretty easy to accumulate new tech, but not so easy to figure out what to do with the old stuff.

Fortunately, Dell is offering some ways to help us reuse and recycle our unwanted tech.
Screenshot of Ron's physics paper Abstract
Let's Get Physics-al
Did you know our Head Geek is also a physicist?

Back in the early 90s, Ron worked as an experimental physicist for Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.
And lucky for us, the latest paper by his research team was recently published in the Canadian Journal of Physics.

👀  Check out Ron's paper Abstract: "Measurements of electron impact K-shell ionization cross sections of Cr21+ ions"

Project Highlight: Centeno-Schultz Clinic

Centeno-Schultz Clinic's homepage header image fo two hikers smiling
Centeno-Schultz Clinic specializes in advanced Interventional Orthopedics procedures to help treat common orthopedic problems.

The project deets:

  • Create a new custom design from scratch — our fave!
  • Build a custom, lightweight WordPress theme so that their site loads lickity-split.
  • Provide stellar training for the clinic’s team so that they can comfortably manage their brand-new website.
Testimonial from the Centeno-Schultz Clinic homepage

Our fave feature: Body part pages!

One of the tasks the Geeks were charged with was to create an example “body part page.”

This example page gives the Centeno-Schultz Clinic’s team the layout—and built-in functionality—they need to create site pages for every area of the body they treat.

Potential patients can go to the body part relevant to them and skip through content with ease from causes → to treatments → to doctors → and more.
Featured body part page for Tennis Elbow
Learn more about Centeno-Schultz Clinic and check out their new website at:

🧡  Got a hankering for more geeky web projects? Check out our Portfolio!

Where In The World Are The Geeks?

Ron and Cathy smiling in front of the Legendary Back Bowls sign in Vail
Ron and Cathy took on Vail’s Legendary Back Bowls during a recent mini-ski vacay.

Todd and his look-alike brother on a ski lift
More skiing! And nope, you’re not seeing double. That’s Todd with his older bro at Copper Mountain.

Can you Guess the Geek?
Can you Guess the Geek? Throughout the year, we’ll be celebrating our 20th year by looking back at our 20s, and next up is this gal. ⬆

Find out who this youngster is on our Facebook page!
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