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Stonepillow's Monthly Newsletter

December 2012

After a very busy month Stonepillow can report that St Joseph's has now got back to a normal routine with the staff, volunteers and clients enjoying the new surroundings and facilities.

The AGM was held on the 7th November and the following is a short synopsis of the evening.
The evening commenced with the opportunity for those who attended to meet the trustees and staff. There were a number of information boards on display which depicted the different project work. This included a number of clients who had under gone rehabilitation and were well on the road to recovery who were available to speak about their experience and how Stonepillow had helped them. Two college students also showed a number of films that had been made by the students of Chichester College on homelessness, all of which provided a varied and interesting display.
The formal AGM followed and all of the resolutions were carried by those present in outline these were:
  • Acceptance of the previous meetings.
  • Acceptance of 2011/2012.
  • Acceptance of Carpenter Box to continue as our auditors.
  • Acceptance of putting remuneration aside for the auditors.
  • Re-election of Clare Apel and David Legg-Willis as trustees.
  • Election of Martyn Bell and Peter Stevens as trustees.
  • Acceptance of the changes to the Constitution.
  • There were no objections throughout the meeting.
This was then followed by a number of presentations from the CEO, Royston Claydon a Stonepillow client and Gary Messenger a representative from Homeless Link, the new official Stonepillow DVD was also shown. The meeting ended with a further opportunity for attendees to speak to the trustees and staff.

No Second Night Out
November saw the launch of Stonepillow's new 'No Second Night Out' team. In basic terms, this means that we can offer help and assistance to clients who are just about to be made homeless or who have just started rough sleeping, to prevent them from becoming entrenched.

Targeting clients who would not fall under the local authority's duty (such as single people and couples without children or a disability), we work antisocial hours and bring clients to a place of immediate safety. We then work with our others services to secure longer term support and accommodation, either with us or in other accommodation.

We currently operate across the Arun and Chichester Districts and welcome referrals from anyone who is aware of a new rough sleeper who may benefit from our intervention. If anyone requires more information or knows of anyone rough sleeping please contact either Clive or Tanja by emailing

Cold Weather Provision - Bognor Regis
A cold weather shelter in Bognor Regis for homeless people will open again this winter, after receiving a makeover.
Glenlogie, in Clarence Road has been made available by Arun District Council in order to meet the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP) and will open on 1st December 2012.  Following The Department for Communities and Local Government guidance Glenlogie will be open when the weather forecast is predicting three consecutive nights of a temperature of zero degrees Celsius or lower. Arun District Council has provided Glenlogie as the SWEP shelter for the last two years. This winter, working again in partnership with Stonepillow the basement area will also used after undergoing this makeover.
Mears have been working in the property for the last 3 weeks to ensure the shelter was fit for purpose, including fitting two bathrooms, a kitchen, new flooring throughout and decorating.
Operated by charity Stonepillow, the shelter will provide overnight accommodation and a hot meal for anyone over 18 sleeping rough in the area. Funding is from the Homeless Prevention Fund.
Councillor Roger Elkins, Arun Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “This shelter will provide much needed support to vulnerable people through the harshest weather and will hopefully help them get back on their feet for 2013."
Head of Client Services at Stonepillow  remarked "We are really pleased to be working with Arun District Council again on this project. As a charity working with the most vulnerable in our community its so important to provide a good quality shelter to prevent serious harm or even death from severe weather.  Rough sleeping is an issue in every district in every county across the UK and Arun work proactively to tackle the issues in their area’’. 

A plea and a cry of help
Volunteers - We are always looking for volunteers of all skills. Stonepillow rely heavily on community support, those individuals that are willing to maybe; give up their free time to "shake a bucket", cook at one of the projects, assist in training, give admin support, fundraise, promote the work of Stonepillow - if that is you please contact Carol Ford on 01 243 537934 or email

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Needs List

We are currently in need of the following donations:
Christmas Items:
A small Christmas tree & decorations for the night shelter. Christmas puddings & mince pies (alcohol free please!), crackers, festive tablecloths and napkins, boxes of chocolates (not liqueurs), cheeses and crackers. Any small, new stocking-filler items for gift boxes (socks, hats, gloves, toiletries, sweets, etc.)

Urgent: Coffee, tea, sugar.
Food/Beverages: Rice, noodles, cheddar cheese, fruit squash, biscuits, gravy granules, green tea, jasmine tea, hot chocolate, fruit, oils (olive, vegetable, etc.), curry sauces, spices
Frozen:  Pies, pasties, vegetables, mince, any cooked meals
Tinned: Chopped tomatoes, red kidney beans & any other type of beans, chickpeas, mixed vegetables, sweetcorn, potatoes, soup, corned beef, tuna, salmon, curry, rice pudding, custard Please be aware we cannot accept out of date food items, including tinned food
Toiletries:  Toilet roll, deodorant, shampoo, shower gel, razors, shaving gel, toiletry bags
Clothing: Underwear for men and women, socks, jumpers, trousers, track suits, fleeces, coats, hats, gloves, scarves, boots, shoes, night dresses, pyjamas
Single Bedding: duvets, fitted sheets, duvet covers and pillows
Miscellaneous: Rucksacks, pens, rulers, notepads, laundry powder, kitchen roll, washing up liquid, toilet duck
Restore Project: Bikes in any condition and any spare parts. Kitchen white goods, furniture, beds, office equipment, paint, varnish, tools, cleaning products. Please call 01243 698547 or email for collection of large donations
Thank you very much for your support especially for all the wonderful donations from collections over Harvest Festival they are most certainly well received.

Forthcoming events:

Street Collection
There will be a street collection in Chichester on the 10th December 2012 in support of Stonepillow which is kindly organised by the Rotary club. Along with our volunteer collectors there will be carol singers from various school choirs at the Christmas tree located at the Cross. Please support.

Carol Service at Chichester Cathedral

Every year BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey organise a carol concert for around 650 listeners which is then broadcasted over the Christmas period. 
This year the retiring collection will be for Stonepillow.
The event is scheduled for Saturday 15th December at 7pm. Please come along.

The Hub (Old Glassworks)

The work of the Hub continues.
Over the past months the Hub has seen many people coming through its doors and without exception have been offered support by the staff team and from other clients, who understand better than anyone the difficult issues they are facing. In recent weeks we have seen an increase in the number of under 25year olds accessing the service. In some cases support has been little more than a hot drink, but others require much more, particularly with Benefits and Housing Advice.
The doctor’s surgery is open on a Monday morning and provides much needed medical advice. 
Our afternoon groups boast some success, especially the Cooking Skills group which is usually fully attended.
We are fortunate in the Old Glassworks to have a number of volunteers who give their valuable time to cook lunch for our clients. To these….. the staff of the Hub send you our sincere  thanks.
As Christmas approaches and the weather gets colder the work of the Hub will continue to offer a place of warmth, some laughter and lots of support to the homeless.

Young People Project (YPP)

"Stonepillow's Young People's Services in Littlehampton received a wonderful boost this month by being awarded a Grant towards to refurbish the 3 properties we currently occupy in Littlehampton. These houses are leased from Hyde Martlett who are working with us to achieve the much needed "makeover". The work we will be doing will make a huge difference to the quality of the lives of our young people. We will do this by raising the standards and creating a much needed homely atmosphere to enable the young people to feel safe, secure and achieve a sense of belonging. We anticipate that work will start soon and will be completed early next year with little disruption to the young people currently staying with us. 
The contract for the Young People's services are currently being applied for and we should hear soon if we have been shortlisted for this. If we are successful it is intended that the new services for Young People, scheduled to start in March next year, will create a wonderful opportunity for our Young People's services to integrate with Client services in the rest of the Organisation. Our Pathways of support will be greatly enhanced by including all the wonderful services Stonepillow as a whole are able to offer. This includes our excellent substance misuse services, move on and Restore project."    
YPP have been involved in the successful move on of two Asylum Seeking Young People from our semi independent service in Bayford road. Both have moved to independent flats in Worthing with the assistance of Gatwick Children's Services and the YPP staff team. We wish them every success in this exciting new chapter in their lives". 

However, YPP face many challenges for example recently a number of the young people smashed all our CCTV cameras, vandalised a boiler causing £3k worth of damage and tried to steal money needed for Community Resolution, the cost of success.

Sands - For those undergoing the recovery journey

So far this year, 31 people have been housed at Sands and
64% of clients move on from Sands clean and sober. To celebrate these successes, clients are have a ‘moving on’ group on the day that they leave and are given a certificate. Peers offer words of encouragement and support as they embark the next part of their ongoing journey.
Currently, 75% of clients at Sands are doing voluntary work or, college or training of some kind. The other 25% are in the process of applying for education, training or voluntary work.
An ex-client of Sands (Royston) who started off accessing the OGW moved into Richmond Avenue, successfully reduced what he was drinking with the help of Dr. Marnell (Stonepillow GP) and moved into Sands. At Sands, he began to go to college and undertook a bricklaying course, which also enabled him to get the CSCS card, which is needed for people who wish to work in the construction industry. He also did a further IT course. He is now living in a move-on project in Bognor and has started with ASURA to offer support to people who were in the same situation as him 6 months ago. His talk at the Stonepillow AGM was gratefully received and he will now be talking to local youth clubs and schools about his experience whilst working with ASURA.
A client at Whyke Lane who came through Sands after years of battling with addiction is now a volunteer with ASURA. He comes back to Sands every Tuesday to help facilitate groups and offer peer support to those in the earlier stages of recovery. In AA and NA fellowships they say ‘you keep what you’ve got by giving it away’

St Joseph's

Almost every night we have seen a full house here at St Josephs, giving priority to females and those engaged on our longer term stay, however, high numbers has resulted in a number of rough sleepers having to be turned away.
We continue to see success on our long term stay scheme with clients moving onto accommodation.  One client will be moving on within the next couple of weeks, which will leave a vacancy which is already filled with another client wanting to engage on the programme and work towards resettlement. This illustrates that providing the option for long stay is focusing clients to look to engage on a recovery pathway.
St Joseph's access and house rules ensure that clients experience a safe, secure and friendly environment, however this has resulted in number of clients who have pushed the boundaries with their behaviour and therefore have not been allowed access.Overall the feedback we have received especially from the clients is that having their own room is more beneficial and the structure has been a positive step forward.

Thank you
As many clients take comfort by having a dog as a companion and for friendship St Joseph's also need to find a place for them. Thanks to Nigel Wright the builders we are going to receive in December one new kennel.

All the staff including the volunteers and the clients of St Joseph's would like to thank "Natures Way" for their brilliant donation of a new cooker for the kitchen, this will certainly make life so much better for all.



Restore Project

The Open Weekend for Restore was a huge success, we have introduced our services to many new customers and the 44 students and teachers from Bedales school, Petersfield, (including the head teacher) did a wonderful job volunteering throughout the weekend. Many thanks to all who supported us.
Restore have excelled in targets set out by the Big Lotto Fund with more than 60 community volunteers offering their time this year plus more than 350 households in West Sussex donating furniture and white goods items to us. We have also been able to help more than 230 families on income support to find affordable second-hand furniture.
We have nearly reached our target of helping 60 trainees to develop skills and assist them to overcome long-term unemployment, this has been helped with the addition of a new contract with Pinnacle people who are supplying more trainees through the mandatory work activity.
This year Restore have got into the festive mood and have a display of Christmas items that are all for sale, so if anyone is still looking for a Christmas Tree or some decorations please visit.
Volunteer needs -  Restore are always looking for anyone who may be able to assist with the running of the project. In particular anyone with carpentry skills, or organizations that can donate items such as tools, an electronic point of sale set up or rent-free storage space.

We continue to look for donations from the local community and we are particularly in need of electric cookers, washing machines, freezers, chests of drawers, double beds and double mattresses.



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