Over the coming weeks leading up to Old Bill’s, I’m focusing on a slice of the nonprofit community. This week, I’m honoring the Sports and Recreation organizations that keep us fit and healthy.
Dear Foundation Friends,
The crack of a bat connecting with a ball. The clicking of a bike coasting down the pathway. The sound of feet hitting a padded mat, or a trail, is not unlike the smack of a hand against a volleyball. The cut of skates on ice, or squeak of a climbing harness. The splash of water moved by swimmers or the quieter dip of a paddle into a river. Certainly the shush of snow underneath skis and boards on a powder day.
And breathing. All of these sounds are united by quickened breath that comes with exertion, and excitement.
Sports and recreation inhabit every part of the body in a sensory overload. They also create some of our finest memories, etched into us so that we experience those physical moments again and again, through children, friends, and family. When I ride a bike, I can still feel my childhood pink banana seat underneath me, and see the pink and white tassels flying from my handlebars.
I bet you remember the smell of cut grass when you played soccer, lacrosse, football or baseball. Maybe you play these sports now, merging your child self with you as an adult. When we train our bodies how to rock climb, balance on a beam or skate on blades, run long distances, or ride downhill at heart-pumping speeds, we experience freedom that originates in learning movement and control.
Experiences that happen through recreation and sports are elemental and precious. Even watching sports creates excitement. There is the thrill of a shared moment, the energy of the crowd, and yes, a perfect hot dog. Spectator or participant, everyone loves the game.
Our nonprofit sports and recreation partners are worthy of your support. To put this in sporting terms, our partners need you to stick the landing, beat the best time, make the goal, finish the race. Help them win.
See you at the finish line,

Laurie Andrews
President, Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

Participating Nonprofits: Sports & Recreation

Axis Booster Club
Brent Newton Ski Foundation
Bronc Wrestling
Carving The Future
Chris Hodges Memorial Fund
Coombs Outdoors
Friends Of Pathways
Grand Teton Climbers' Ranch
Jackson Bronc Backers
Jackson Elite Volleyball Club
Jackson Giants Baseball - American Legion
Jackson Hole Babe Force
Jackson Hole FC
Jackson Hole Juggernauts Roller Derby
Jackson Hole Kayak Club
Jackson Hole Lacrosse Club
Jackson Hole Ocean Sailing Team
Jackson Hole Pony Club
Jackson Hole Shooting Sports Foundation
Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club
Jackson Hole Stingrays
Jackson Hole Winter Wonderland Ice Rinks
Jackson Hole Youth Baseball - Cal Ripken Division
Jackson Hole Youth Basketball
Jackson Hole Youth Mountain Biking
Jackson Hole Youth Soccer
Jackson Youth Hockey
Nomadic Sports
Old Pass Road Repair Project
Skating Club of Jackson Hole
Snow King Sports & Event Center
Snow King Volunteer Ski Patrol
Teton Back Country Horsemen
Teton Backcountry Alliance
Teton Climbers' Coalition
Teton County/Jackson Parks and Recreation Department
Teton Freedom Riders
Teton Trail Runners
Teton Valley Ranch Camp Education Foundation

Click here for a full list of participating nonprofits.
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