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New Year, New Opportunities

Together, we are making inroads

Dear Foundation Friends,
The pups and I ran in morning darkness this week. I was feeling thankful for spikes on my shoes and traction in the snow. Mostly, I run on groomed trails that make it easier to navigate but sometimes I break trail to shift around a moose (or to retrieve a wandering dog). On the way home, warmed by the car heater, I noticed the flurry of snowflakes under a streetlight. It’s mesmerizing the way they move in light, seemingly random but united.
It struck me that mornings like this encompass our year at the Foundation. We set a goal to get traction on helping with larger community needs like behavioral health and housing. Alongside excellent partners, we are making inroads. Some of our strategic work this past year has been easier to navigate and some has required us to break new trail. And what we saw as potential roadblocks turned out to be learning moments when we stepped back to look at the whole picture – not heavy shovelfuls of snow but rather a magical swirl of snowflakes.
We did all of this with your help, through the generosity of community.
We just stepped across winter solstice, and now the days will grow longer. It’s hard to see more light is coming when the mornings are pitch dark, but rest assured, it’s on the way. May your new year be filled with light and warmth. Thank you for helping us navigate 2022.

See you in the fresh, new year,
Laurie Andrews
President, Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
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