Dear Foundation Friends,
I have such good news to share with you. We reimagined Old Bill’s Fun Run this year and with world events, we wondered if our community would rally to all the changes.
We shouldn’t have wondered.
The energy and generosity of our community is unsurpassed. There were costumes and ice cream, creative signs, and runners who made their own course this year. Our nonprofit partners showed up with their stories and goodwill. And Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill and the Co-Challengers, well, they rocked Old Bill’s 2020!
I have the numbers that tell this amazing story but I’d like to tell you in person(ish). I hope you will watch the video (see below). Then I hope you celebrate, because this kind of win for our community is your doing.
With Gratitude,

Laurie Andrews
President, Community Foundation of Jackson Hole
Thank You To Our 2020 Co-Challengers
Old Bill's Co-Challengers
Led by Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill, who donate $500,000 annually, Co-Challengers give at levels of $25,000, $35,000, $50,000, $75,000, $100,000, $150,000 and $250,000. These donations form the match pool, which is divided up to supplement funds participating nonprofits raise.

Mr. & Mrs. Old Bill

2020 Co-Challengers

Double Black Diamond
In Honor of Mr. Old Bill’s Birthday Fund
Adrienne & John Mars
Bill Newton+

Black Diamond
Leslie & Chris Johnson+

Deborah & Jon Dawson+
Susan & Joe Davenport+
Lannie & Bill Hoglund+
Erika Pearsall & Ned Jannotta+
Marsha & John Kleinheinz

Gold Business
Gros Ventre River Ranch /
Karl & Tina Weber Charitable Fund

Marcia Kunstel & Joe Albright+
Christie & Jon Callaghan*
Lisa Carlin+
Mary Ann Cree
Christine & Ross Hartley
Kemmerer Family Foundation
Mays Family Foundation /
Peggy & Lowry Mays

Silver Business
Bank of Jackson Hole
First Republic Bank+
Graham-Faupel-Mendenhall /
Karen Terra, Julie & Matt Faupel
and Mack Mendenhall

Nancy & Dick Collister+

Gloria & Richard Kushel*
David Landes
 and the family of Karen Oatey
Catherine & David Loevner
Laura & Matt Murphy*
Shirley & Paul Piper
Janet & Bob Whitmire

Bronze Business
Convergence Investments /
Blythe & Colby Cox*

Huff | Vaughn | Sassi +
Osprey Beverages
Rocky Mountain Bank
Rusty Parrot Lodge / Harrison Family
Snake River Brewing
WRJ Design / Klaus Baer & Rush Jenkins
Wells Fargo+
Zions Bank

Valerie Brown & Don Baker
Val & Dick Beck+
Liz & David Chandler
Peggy & Kirk Davenport
Margot Snowdon & Yves Desgouttes+
Nisha & Steve Dubois*
Nancy & Rolf Engh

William Stamps Farish Fund
Sheryl & Jeffrey Flug
John E. Fox
Sanae Ishikawa & Richard Georgi
Pamela & Scott Gibson+
Lisa Lent & Johannes Gnauck
Deirdre & Vance Griffith*
Judy Hofflund & Tom Hansen
Kerri Ratcliffe & Doug Henderson*
Marne & Ed Holstein
Hughes Charitable Foundation
Kamilla & John Hurley
Elisabeth & Chansoo Joung
Katharine Conover-Keller
& Fred Keller+
Carrie Kirkpatrick+
Debbie & Bob Kopp
Janine & David Lloyd
Patty & John Lummis
Kathleen McCarragher*
Stacey & Robert Morse
Niner Family
Julie & Hugh O’Halloran
Marge & Gil Ordway
Gabrielle & Dakin Sloss
Patti Stancarone
in Loving Memory of Joe Albracht
Randi Levine and Jeff Trenton*
Sasha & Mike Zolik

* New Co-Challenger in 2020
+ Recognition level includes an additional unrestricted gift to the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

Friends of the Match
Friends of the Match give between $1 and $24,999. The following donors joined Mr. & Mrs. Old Bill and Co-Challengers and collectively gave $100,000 to this year’s match pool.
$5,000 - $15,000
Susan Crosser
Julie & Ritson Ferguson
Caroline & Ken Taylor
Irene & Alan Lund
Theresa Godchaux & Nelson
Payne / Charles Foundation
Belinda & Ferrill Roll
Crystal & Chris Sacca
Barbara & Don Seale
$1000 - $4,999
Heidi & Peter Augustin
Mickey Babcock
Carol & Dennis Berryman
Sam & Jeff Brown /
Jackson Hole Aviation
Great Northern Coffee Company
Missy & David Hoster
Susan Dong & Arne Johanson
Janet & Bill O'Neil
Story Clark Resor & Bill Resor
Jane & Nelson Schwab
Bob Shervin
Susan & Buckner Woodford
$100 - $999
Anonymous (4)
Barbara & Bill Adams
Laurie Andrews
Rebecca & Andrew Apfelberg
Carolyn & Jim Augé
Sloane Andrews & Tyler Bergien
Patti Berlin
Pegi & Kent Bernard
Helen & David Bishop
Amy & Herb Brooks
Darrell Brown
Theresa & Jim Burnside /
Jeanie & Mark Clark
Laura Lynn Davenport
Leslie Davidson
Susan & Paul Divjak
Pauline Towers-Dykeman,
       Trey & Paul Dykeman
Cindy & David Edelson
David Elan
Petria & Scott Fossel
Barb & Jim Fullerton
Jill Baldauf & Steve Grossman
Rena & Roger Guest
Hawkins, Kominsky, Devries
& Associates
Jennifer & Christopher Hawks
Jane & Steve Hipp
Margaret Johnson
Harry Konkel
Jeff Kopkey
Charlotte & Bradley Krugh
Kerry Lamb
Stephanie & Peter Lamelas
Carole & Ed Liebzeit
Tom Long
Erin & Matt Lusins
Kathleen & Mak Mague
Bev & Ed McIlnay
Mary & Anthony Navetta
June Nystrom
Karen Youngblood & James Peck
Lucy & Toby Rankin
Annie & Travis Riddell /
Jackson Pediatrics
Terry & Bert Romberg
Lauren & Vincent Roux
William Rowan
Christopher Staron
Patty & Dan Starr
Emilie & Ethan Steinberg
Adria & Jeff Stines
Hamish Tear
Betty & Chuck Terrill
Berniece & Harold Turner /
Triangle X Ranch
Carrie Kruse & Ian Tyree /
Jackson Hole Racing Company
Mary Elaine & Bob Weber
Tina Wildes
Susan Williams
Suzanne Youngkin
Jeff Zitsman

$1 - $99
Shirley Ames
Anita & Michael Anacreonte
Karen & Jim Coleman
Daus Family
Maryellen & Don Frank
Uschi & Jochen Grocke
Nancy Guthrie
Peg Gilday & Maho Hakoshima
Connie & John Hansen
Carol & John Harkness
Chelcie Jonke
Becky & Tom Jordan
Becky & Ted Kimmel
Kim Day & Jim Kleine
Diane & Mike Lenich
Mark Lyon
Donna & Cliff Martin
Amy & Forrest McCarthy
Nicki & Brendan McDermott / McDermott Financial Group
David Mills
Allison & Dave Monroe
Karen Murray
Megan O'Brien
Marnie & Tony Paulus
Shelby & Rosie Read
Pam Sather
Katie & Thomas Smits
Nancy & William Sproull
Sarah & Jim Sullivan
Clare Payne Symmons
& Mike Symmons
Barbara & Larry Van Genderen
Amy Wheeler
Old Bill's Fun Run is a program of the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole.

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