Pictured above (clockwise): Teton Music School, Teton Literacy Center / photo courtesy of Jay Nel-McIntosh, Coombs Outdoors
Dear Friends,
I want to talk about the threads that weave a stronger community. For us at the Community Foundation, these threads come in the form of grants and partnerships.
We have a Competitive Grants Committee, which is a team of dedicated community members who help the Foundation make grant decisions each year. Working in teams to read and understand requests, they volunteer hours of their time.
This grants cycle, the Community Foundation received 54 requests, and our Grants Committee members reviewed packets with 286 pages of request information. Their recommendations help fund our nonprofit partners who provide services that touch every corner of this valley. It’s the season of hope, and I’d like to share a few of the incredible projects happening locally.
  • Jackson Hole Community Radio, the only community radio station in Wyoming and Jackson’s sole nonprofit newsroom, will receive support to continue to provide in-depth news, and work towards affiliation with Corporation for Public Broadcasting. CBP affiliation will qualify them for annual funding from new sources. The grant will also fund expansion of their cultural coverage and additional programming in Spanish as well.
  • We live with wildfires in the summer. That said, images of the fire burning the hillside next to the National Museum of Wildlife Art were shocking. The Nature Conservancy’s Wyoming Program (TNC) requested funding to restore 14 acres of burned sagebrush habitat behind the Museum, using input from local organizations to help populate the hillside with native plant diversity that will be resilient to wildfire. Leveraging volunteers and partners such as Teton Botanical Garden, TNC will also plant 2 acres of native vegetation along the Museum’s Sculpture Trail and in the process, develop a botanical tour that will be free to the public as an outdoor exhibit, with interpretive signage and audio tour in several languages.
  • After a fire and an explosion at the Teton County Recycling and Transfer Station, Jackson Community Recycling needed a proper program to dispose of bear spray, propane, and isobutene camping fuel canisters. Grant funding will offset the high costs associated with hazardous waste collection for the entire region, which gives Teton County residents a low-, to no-cost option for safe disposal and keeps these items out of the trash. Funding also supports an educational campaign about disposal options that will ultimately keep our recycling and trash facilities, and their employees, safe.
  • Wyoming Stargazing wants all children to be able to dream of exploring space. This is why they requested support to make their videos, programs, and website accessible in Spanish. Collaborating with One22 and VoicesJH, popular video series such as “Mind Bending Astronomy” will be edited, and re-recorded in Spanish, and their monthly newsletter and website translated as well. Intended to entice local Latinx residents into astronomy, these materials will have wider online reach as well. This grant helps everyone shoot for the stars.
  • School schedules have become complex calendaring, and families are challenged to provide space, time, and oversight of their children during the pandemic. Coombs Outdoors has stepped in to offset the school program with the Coombs Room, a safe, supportive, structured place where elementary, middle, and high school school youth can come to study, and engage with peers in safe, social interaction that is critical for their mental and physical health. Through careful age group scheduling, and with health protocols in place, the Coombs Room attracted 250 youth during its trial run this fall. Grant funding will provide programming through the winter.
  • Anyone with a green thumb in our community knows that community garden space is full, with a long waiting list. Habitat for Humanity requested assistance to create 24 new raised community garden plots in the Grove living area, along with a tool shed, grass play area, trees and shrubs, benches, and additional bike racks. Grove families will be able to grow fresh food and build community.
  • People taking care of other people’s basic needs show kindness at its most essential. The Senior Center of Jackson Hole, with partners such as Town and County, and health and housing providers, offers in-home care to seniors and people with short or long-term disabilities, on a sliding-fee scale. Through this program, Teton County residents receive assistance with bathing and dressing, medications and light housekeeping, shopping and meal preparation, so they can live at home. The State has defunded this program, starting mid-2021, which means the services could become unaffordable for half of Teton County’s clients. A grant will keep in-home care functioning when state funding stops, while partners providing Community Home Care seek new revenue sources.
  • In our part of the recreational world, locals know how to change clothes in a parking lot and how to cleverly stash any gear they might need inside their cars. But storing expensive gear in a car, like that used by Teton County Search and Rescue (SAR), can destabilize batteries, freeze wet rigging gear and boots, and slow the process of heading out for a rescue. With a grant, SAR will update their locker room to enlarge their current “mailbox-sized” lockers so that rescue gear will fit, and update ventilation so rescue volunteers can change inside the facility, maintaining health standards. Oh, and the facility will finally have a shower for SAR volunteers.
These are just a few of the amazing programs and services that provide a community net. This net interlaces us and each strand is vital. I’m sending out thanks to our nonprofit partners, Grants Committee volunteers, and the Foundation’s incredible staff, for keeping our reach wide and our net strong.

Warm regards,

Laurie Andrews
President, Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

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