Dear Friends of the Foundation,
Pardon my theatrics. I can barely sit still. Old Bill’s Fun Run continues to surprise and delight our community with generosity.
I’ll cut to the chase. This year, our community raised a total of $19,957,301 through Old Bill’s, a 1.2% increase over last year!
That incredible total is a mixture of gifts the community directed to our nonprofit partners and the matching pool built by a group of community-minded donors who fund Old Bill’s match by combining their funds – Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill, our CoChallengers, and Friends of the Match. That pool of funding provides a partial matching grant to each qualified nonprofit. This year, our nonprofits received a 61% matching grant on up to $30,000 they raised. That is an additional $18,240 to nonprofits that raised $30,000 in gifts.
Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill led the match with a gift of $1 million. When our community joined CoChallengers and Friends, we received 24,000+ gifts made by 4,193 donors. Since the beginning, 26 years ago, Old Bill’s Fun Run has raised a whopping total of $228,714,344.

Doesn’t it take your breath away?!
I hope you’ll join me in thanking our nonprofit partners for supporting our community, and our CoChallengers and Friends for providing meaningful matching funds. A huge shout-out to Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill for starting this incredible event. And then, let’s celebrate how community can show up for each other.

With my gratitude,
Laurie Andrews
President, Community Foundation of Jackson Hole

Thank You, CoChallengers!

The generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill and the CoChallengers inspires increased giving from the community and is key to Old Bill’s success. CoChallengers are community leaders who intrinsically value philanthropy and help highlight the tremendous work of local nonprofits.
Challenge - $1,000,000
Mr. and Mrs. Old Bill
Corbet's - $500,000
Adrienne and John Mars
Double Black Diamond - $250,000
Gloria and Bill Newton
Black Diamond - $150,000
Leslie and Chris Johnson
Diamond - $100,000
Zooey and Lyons Brown +
Deborah and Jon Dawson
Stacey and Robert Morse +
Platinum - $75,000
Susan Crosser Estate Memorial Fund
Susan and Joe Davenport
Lannie and Bill Hoglund
Erika Pearsall and Ned Jannotta
Marsha and John Kleinheinz
Gold Business - $50,000
Bridger Trust Company*
Gros Ventre River Ranch
Huff / Vaughn / Sassi /
  Laurie and Mercedes Huff
Gold - $50,000
Marcia Kunstel and Joe Albright
Christie and Jon Callaghan
Lisa Carlin
Chris and Ross Hartley
Kemmerer Family Foundation
Catherine and David Loevner
Mays Family Foundation
Gloria W. Polis*
Silver Business - $35,000
Bank of Jackson Hole
First Republic Bank
Graham-Faupel-Mendenhall /
  Karen Terra and Bob Graham,
  Julie and Matt Faupel,
  & Mack Mendenhall
Rusty Parrot Lodge / Harrison Family

Silver - $35,000
Val and Dick Beck
Nancy and Dick Collister
Margot Snowdon and Yves Desgouttes
Sanae Ishikawa and Richard Georgi
Marne and Ed Holstein
Mary Anne Cree, In Memoriam
Gloria and Richard Kushel
Janine and David Lloyd
Laura and Matt Murphy
Shirley and Paul Piper
Janet and Bob Whitmire
Bronze Business - $25,000
Crystal Creek Capital
First Western Trust
Four Seasons Jackson Hole
Osprey Beverages
Singleton Peery Financial
Wells Fargo
Willow Street*
Y2 Consultants
Zions Bank
Bronze - $25,000
Laurie Andrews and Perk Perkins*
Valerie Brown and Don Baker
Liz and David Chandler
Peggy and Kirk Davenport
Catherine and Jeff Dishner*
Nisha and Steve DuBois
Nancy and Rolf Engh
Julia Ferguson and
  Thomas Ritson Ferguson
Lisa Lent and Johannes Gnauck
Theresa Godchaux
Deirdre and Vance Griffith
Monica Erickson and Philippe Hartl*
Judy Hofflund and Tom Hansen
Cecilia and Jim Herbert*
Debby and David Hopkins
Missy and David Hoster*
Cindy and Evan Jones*
Elisabeth and Chansoo Joung
Sara and Ed Keller*
Katharine Conover-Keller
  and Fred Keller
Cathy Kehr and Remy Levy
Tammy and John MacWilliams*
Kathleen McCarragher
The Niner Family
Julie and Hugh O'Halloran
Marge Ordway
Seven Pines Foundation
Dakin Sloss
Dorie and Randy Smith*
Patti Stancarone
Caroline and Ken Taylor
Randi Levine and Jeff Trenton
The Trifecta Fund
Leslie and Jim Walter
Suzanne and John Willian
Lucy Wild and Jason Wolff
Sasha and Mike Zolik
*New Co-Challenger in 2022
+Increased in 2022

Thank You, Friends of the Match!

Run Day Awards
Friends of the Match give between $1 and $24,999. The following donors joined Mr. & Mrs. Old Bill and CoChallengers to collectively contribute $175,135 to this year’s Match Pool.
$5,000 - $15,999
Mickey Babcock
Jamie & Will Bartlett
Jan & Chuck Davis
Lisa & Chuck Fleischman
Lisa & Are Friesecke
Jackson Hole Marketplace
Christiane & Mark Ladd /
  The Ladd Family Fund
The Liquor Store of Jackson Hole
Tom Long / Long Reimer Winegar
Irene & Alan Lund
Lisa Nesbitt
Janet & Bill O'Neil / O'Neil Foundation
Suzanne Salzmann Memorial
  Old Bill's Endowment
Bob Shervin
Tracy & Scott Sipprelle /
  Sipprelle Charitable Corp.
$1,000 - $4,999
Anonymous (3)
Pegi & Kent Bernard
Vicky Tsai & Eric Bevan
Sam & Jeff Brown /
  Jackson Hole Aviation
Mary & Kenneth Burdin
Jane Hopkins Carey & John Carey
Karen & Jim Coleman
Colleen & Bob Grady
Diane & John Guslander /
  Great Northern Coffee Company
Nanci & Bob Halper
Kern Family
Carol & Douglas Pitman
Lucy & Toby Rankin
Story Clark Resor & Bill Resor
Terry & Bert Romberg
Joyce Frye & R. Douglas Ross
Jane & Nelson Schwab
Virginia & L. E. Simmons Foundation
Susan & Buckner Woodford

$100 - $999
Anonymous (3)
Joyce & Roger Amadon
Mary Alice & Tim Bradley
Amy & Herb Brooks
Carolyn Coleman Burke & Kevin Burke
Theresa & Jim Burnside /
Stacey & Rob Caesar
Hilary & Marty Camino
Betsy Campbell
Linda & Tim Cohane
Laura Lynn Davenport
Leslie Davidson
Susan & Paul Divjak
Carrie & Jake Ellkins
Elaine Garrett
Linda & John Hanlon
Connie & John Hansen
Jackson Hole Racing Company
Chris & Paul Kadue
Karin King
Mary Lou & Richard Klene
Jeff Kopkey
$100 - $999 (continued)
Laura & Ted Ladd
Carole & Ed Liebzeit /
  Teton View LLC
Matthew & Erin Lusins Family Fund
Martha Maddox
Bev & Ed McIlnay
Alice & Rod Moorhead
Suzanne Rees & Ray Nakakura
Nancy Nickel-Resor
Biba & Jon Parker /
  Biba & Jon Parker Foundation
Nancy & Bruce Pasfield
Lisa & Scott Pierson /
  Pierson Charitable Fund
Lindsey & Steve Rainier
Allegra Parisi & Miller Resor
Robin Riske
Susan & Mitch Rowe /
  Rowe CPA Group LLC
Maggie & Brian Schilling
Cheryl Hutt & Saul Silverstein
Jane Squires
Adria & Jeff Stines
Teton Motors
Towers-Dykeman Fund
Berniece & Harold Turner /
  Triangle X Ranch
Lucinda Abbe & James Warner
Karen Wilbrecht
$1 - $99
Anonymous (3)
Nora Aguilar
Geneva Chong & David Barnett
Helen Bishop
Anne & Clay Bradley
Cindy Corona & Eduardo
  Rodriguez Carrillo
Maryellen & Don Frank
Gwenn Gilday
Ruth & Gary Wayne Glass
Mary, Mike & Richard Guenzel
Peg Gilday & Maho Hakoshima
Carol & John Harkness
Kim & Jon Hindman
Lisa Larson-Hoyt & William Hoyt
Chelcie Jonke
Becky & Ted Kimmel
Susan & Fred Kingwill
Lynn Kuehn
Diane & Michael Lenich
Donna Levine
Nicki & Brendan McDermott /
  McDermott Financial Group
Allison & Dave Monroe
Brenda Padgett
Annie, Casey, Ren & Travis Riddell /
  Jackson Pediatrics
Marko Ruble
Judy & Dean Shimmin
Katie & Thomas Smits
Meredy, Logan, Gibson & Chris Stiehl
Sarah & Jim Sullivan
Ed Wigg
Katie Ziem

Thank You, Run Committee and Volunteers!

Run Committee - Food Tent
The Community Foundation is deeply grateful to the 300+ volunteers who make Old Bill's Fun Run possible. At the core of our volunteer powerhouse is the Old Bill’s Run Committee. In partnership with Old Bill’s Coordinator, Suzanne Rees, this team works tirelessly throughout the summer to plan and execute Run Day.

Deidre Ashley, Jackson Hole Community Counseling Center

Paige Byron Curry, Astoria Park Conservancy

Stacey Caesar, Teton Free Clinic

Jill Callahan, Jackson Hole Land Trust

Sarah Cavallaro, Teton Youth & Family Services

Hannah Cooley, Hole Food Rescue

Seadar Davis, Cultivate Ability

Haley Fitzgerald, Teton Science Schools

Laura Harrison, Newton Foundation

Becky Kiefer, Teton County Integrated Solid Waste & Recycling

Mindy Kim-Miller, Scouts BSA - Troop 268

Josh Kleyman, Teton Science Schools

Julie Klomparens, Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club

Natalia D. Macker, Off Square Theatre Company

Amy McCarthy, Teton Raptor Center

Chris Moll, Teton Youth & Family Services

Steve Morriss, Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation

Connor Nolan, Teton County Search & Rescue Foundation

Diana Peck, Teton County Library Foundation

Ponteir Sackrey, National Museum of Wildlife Art

Barb Sanchez, Daughters of the American Revolution – Davey Jackson Chapter

Bonnie Self, Climb Wyoming

Hannah Sell, Habitat for Humanity

Koreen Sheridan, Fund for Public Education

Laura Soltau, Teton Literacy Center

Carey Stanley, One 22 Resource Center

Lily Sullivan, Jackson Hole Fire/EMS

Stephanie Thomas, Teton County Search & Rescue Foundation

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