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This poem by Anna George Meek comes from The Genome Rhapsodies, chosen by Angie Estes as the 2014 Richard Snyder Publication Prize winner. The book includes several examples of Meek's unique "bricolage" poetry, which combines words and phrases from different found texts to create a poem that speaks to the chemistry between the two texts. "Safety Pin" is offered this week in honor of those remembering Kurt Cobain. 

Safety Pin
            By Anna George Meek
A bricolage of words and phrases from

  • an article on the history of the safety pin
  • Kurt Cobain’s suicide letter.

Only because I love,
I have coiled, tensile strength
shaped like a human hand.
Usefulness terrifies me.
Steel earrings, chains, and wristbands:
Passion bears resemblance to being jabbed
in an acid bath by one factory,
and pressed against grinding wheels,
and subjected to electrically charged
skewers of wood.  The future
is automatic; it passes
through increasingly narrower dies.
I’m too much.
I appreciate the fact that
empathy allows for a range of motions.
In India, for example, pins and sewing needles
are kept and used for generations,
passed on from mother to daughter.
Myself, I can barely open up when released;
please: worn, torn, or brittle,
keep going.


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Photo "Safety Pin" provided by Jess! S? via Flickr's Creative Commons license.  

The Genome Rhapsodies by Anna George Meek
The Genome Rhapsodies 
by Anna George Meek

Winner of the Richard Snyder Publication Prize

ISBN: 978-0-912592-80-0

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