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"today is a new day / there can be no other day"  

This multi-media, mid-career retrospective — which had its initial debut at Cassilhaus — is now set up and running at CAM Raleigh, just across the tracks from the first studio location of the press. Thanks to all who made it out for an event at Cassilhaus! And a special THANK YOU! to the eight collaborators who have shared custom furniture pieces to turn the downstairs back gallery space at CAM into an engaging environment featuring different reading areas to settle down with the 20 years of books and other printed matter in the exhibit. I'm excited to share the work at CAM Raleigh which has been putting on a diverse range of thematically cohesive exhibitions over the years. 
The center of the gallery is a reading room featuring bookshelves by Evan Lightner, chairs and a lamp by Scott Howell, tables by Al Frega and Anthony Ulinski, bench cushions by Hawks & Doves, and a glass topped forged iron coffee table by Ben Galata, 

This exhibit includes a pair of 2016 book projects . . . 

Sons & Father: 
Engravings by John McWilliams

A 60 page monograph that explores the artist's hopes and fears of being a father, and was created for his exhibit at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art.

and . . .

Photomontage by Catharine Carter 

A 112 page adventure which draws viewers into dream landscapes with short texts by Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell.

Cover. Photographer Catharine Carter will join Dave and photographer Rob McDonald (Birdhouses, Poplar Forest) in a CAMversation on Sunday, July 31.

The exhibit also presents a selection of books designed for other publishers (including Carrboro-based Daniel 13), exhibit catalogues for museums and galleries (including the Gregg Museum of Art & Design), and projects for independent businesses, arts organizations, and other clients. Text panels add a time capsule flavoring to the show, along with a treasure trove of archives and side spur adventures to be discovered within the exhibit's nooks and crannies.

The first studio space of H&B was at Antfarm, which was originally a washboard factory and is located just on the other side of the tracks from CAM Raleigh (and is still going strong in its 24th year as a self-governed artists' collective).

Framed artwork (pulled from the content of the books) is shared by photographers Catharine Carter, Courtney Fitzpatrick, Gail Goers, Roger May, Rob McDonald, and Pam Pecchio; visual artists Ray Duffey (who started H&B with Dave before moving on to a career working with wood), Henryk Fantazos, John McWilliams, Ippy Patterson, VC Rogers, and Jason Seale. Authors worked with include two North Carolina poet laureates, Joseph Bathanti and Kathryn Stripling Byer; Jeffery Beam, Stephen Gibson, Allan Gurganus, John Lane, Zelda Lockhart, Charles Millard, David Need, and dozens of others established writers and historians.

Maji Moto title spread.
This is one of the few books with copies still available for purchase.

A major goal of this exhibition is for visitors to spend slow time with the books to fully consider the words and images. To read them and not just look at them. It requires focused attention to fully engage with quiet work, and this is a goal of this exhibit (and the work of Horse & Buggy Press). If you like to read books, this exhibit is for you, and you may find needing to come back several times to take it all in.

A major goal of Horse & Buggy Press is to create powerful works of art, true cultural artifacts, that are visited time and time again by readers. This is best achieved when people actually *purchase* books, becoming caretakers and enjoying them for decades to come. The hope is these books will then be shared with friends and family to help further the narratives, ideas, and observations put out there by writers, artists, and historians of our day. 

I'm proud to announce this mission will be furthered by the Duke Special Collections Library as librarian (and photographer) extraordinaire Lisa McCarty has approached the press to buy a copy of every major book that H&B has designed or produced, and I'll be donating choice commissioned projects from over the years and items from the archives vault to round out the collection. 


   Events & CAMversations
OPENING RECEPTION    Thursday, June 30; 6–8pm
**This is a shared opening reception with the Martine Gutierrez exhibit "We & Them & Me."**
Please RSVP to so we can get a count for refreshments.

CAMversation — Music Event & The Craft of Writing     Sunday, July 17, 4pm sharp.
CAMversation with Kenny Roby, Dave Wofford, and a writer or two from an H&B book.
Musician and singer-songwriter Kenny Roby will play a few songs (acoustic).
The guest writer(s) will read excerpts from their book(s).  
Artists will also talk about their writing process and points of inspirations, goals, and current projects.
Dave will talk about his collaborative approach to working with writers/artists on books and music packaging projects.

Kenny Roby is a long-time Raleighite, founder of 6 String Drag, and a musician who has recorded eight albums, several of which were designed by Horse & Buggy Press, and many of which have been lauded far and wide by music critics across the globe. 

Beer, sparkling water, and wine available at the donation bar.
Please RSVP to so we can get a count for refreshments.

CAMversation — Furniture Makers / Craft     Sunday, July 24, 4pm sharp.

CAMversation with furniture makers Al Frega, Scott Howell, Ben Galata, Jessica Ullom from Hawks and Doves, and Anthony Ulinsk. Five of the eight furniture makers who created custom works for the exhibit will speak about their work (and show images of other works) in an informal living room-esque conversation moderated by Charlie Bell from TekNion. 

Dave will talk briefly about why and how he creates variation within a book edition to push the idea of the books as unique artifacts rather than mere copies of a plan, as well how he thinks about materials of the books as a way to carry content and become more than just a neutral receiving substrate for words and pictures.

Al Frega is based in Durham and makes sculptures, furniture, and more utilizing a treasure trove of rescued architectural elements and discarded machinery from across North Carolina.

Scott Howell is an artist, designer, and craftsman based in Durham, who has accumulated twenty-five years experience in the  woodworking industry building custom cabinetry and millwork for a variety of clients. Currently, Scott is focusing his talents solely on designing and building furniture that re-imagine traditional and modern styles for contemporary life. 

Jessica Ullom is a Raleigh-based maker who repurposes found materials in conjunction with both new and dead stock American made textiles. She uses these items to produce utilitarian home goods and accessories, as well as kitchen wares. Hawks and Doves strives to source raw materials locally and creates one-of-a-kind products.  

Ben Galata creates custom furnishings, architectural elements, and sculpture in forged and fabricated steel. Ben’s work is contemporary, but is produced using many of the traditional blacksmithing and metalworking processes. The work is inspired by a variety of references, ranging from urban landscape to forms found in nature. His clients and commissioners include designers, architects, builders, other artisans and private individuals. Ben’s work can been seen in residences, public spaces, and galleries regionally and nationally. 

Anthony Ulinski moved to Raleigh in 1976 and founded Dovetail Woodworks, a studio furniture business which is located one block away from CAM on Commerce Street. His furniture has been exhibited at the Smithsonian Craft Fair, The Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Fair, and the John Elder Gallery in New York. In 1993 he began painting, focusing on the still life and landscape: quiet everyday scenes. He divides his time between painting and furniture making. 

Beer, sparkling water, and wine available at the donation bar.

Please RSVP to so we can get a count for refreshments.

CAMversation — NC State College of Design & Penland School of Crafts Evening . . . AND Launch Party for Walter Magazine's August Issue.   Thursday, July 28, 4pm sharp.

Students, alum, faculty, employees, and administrators (and just fans in general) from the both NC State School of Design and the Penland School of Crafts are invited for an informal gathering in the gallery so we can all catchup with old friends and make new ones. Dave will talk briefly about his experience at the two schools and how they were instrumental to his finding the Horse & Buggy Press pathway, as well as point out those in the crowd that he has collaborated with over the years that have design school or Penland connections. The new College of Design Dean Mark Hoversten has been invited to attend and we hope this will be a fun way for him to meet some people in the design, craft, and arts community.

Jessie Ammons from Walter Magazine is writing an article on the exhibit. This evening's gathering will also serve as an issue launch celebration to kick off their August issue where Jessie's article will be published.

Beer, sparkling water, and wine available at the donation bar.
Please RSVP to so we can get a count for refreshments.

CAMversation — Photographers Catharine Carter and Rob McDonald with Dave.  Sunday, July 31, 4pm sharp.

Dave will talk briefly about the why/what/how, etc of collaborating with photographers on fine press books and share a few stories from a few of the many books on display in the exhibit.

Rob McDonald, photographer and writer from Lexington, Virginia will talk and share (projected) images of his work as well as passing around prints. He and Dave will talk about their two collaborations, "Birdhouses” and “Poplar Forest,” both of which are hand-bound books featured in the exhibit and were produced with a mix of Indigo printing (images) and letterpress printing for the text.

Catharine Carter, photographer from Chapel Hill, will talk and share (projected) images of her work. She and Dave will talk about their collaboration on the 112 page fine press book “Journey;” a sequence of photomontage imagery that is interspersed with short writings from Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung which inspired Catharine’s images. This just completed book features hand-sewn bindings, hand-printed letterpress covers, and a signed and numbered deluxe edition created with handmade paper covers and which is accompanied by a photographic print suitable for framing.

Beer, sparkling water, and wine available at the donation bar.
Please RSVP to so we can get a count for refreshments.


Closing Reception — Sunday, August 7, 4–6pm

There will be special guests, surprises, and thank you presents presented to folks (by Dave’s five year old son Miles) who have been instrumental to help create collaborative and interdisciplinary exhibit. 

Beer, sparkling water, and wine available at the donation bar.
Please RSVP to so we can get a count for refreshments.

First Fridays      July 1, 4–9pm    August 5, 4–9pm
CAM Raleigh opens its doors for all First Fridays from 4-9pm. Dave will be on hand for much of the evenings, occasionally disappearing to check out some of the happenings at other area venues. 

Below are some photos from the events at Cassilhaus.
Thanks to Frank Konhaus for these pictures, and to both Frank and Ellen Cassilly for more good deeds than can be listed here. Their generosity and enthusiasm is appreciated by so many people, myself included.
Ain't that the truth, Ruth. This cribbed graphic is brought to you by Old Man McCloud, longtime crank and occasional H&B intern, and should not necessarily be considered an official opinion of the Aesthetic Police, the long running activist group created by Jack Barnes, Ray Duffey, and a few other hopeless romantics over beers at what used to be Sadlacks. Like any worthwhile, and self-appointed, relief agency we often overstep our bounds in order to fight the continued decimation of worldwide aesthetic standards and horrible land use policy perpetuated by our current business "leaders." We are always looking for new members.
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