All we need now are funds, dispensations and YOU!

Spirit of BunkerLove

Andrew Zealey - venue visualization for Kærsgård beach
We’ve been working on an outline for BunkerLove 2013 and immensely happy that the involved artists in our pilot project have decided to stay on board and expand their BunkerLoving. We are equally happy that members and volunteers have flagged their continued participation or interest! Thank you, please know your input is vital!

Again only better and more!
Inge Tranter and Meile Sposmanyte will participate with individual bunker installations. Inge's working title is ‘A Drop in the Ocean’, and film installation, audio and flora will be part of the deal. Meile Sposmanyte contributes an audio installation ‘Solo For The Soul’. We are in a positive dialogue with Hirtshals bunker museum, and have a vision for these installations (and more) to transform the plant of bunkers there. Also, Erik Peitersen signed up as a member and we’re in continuous contact, he’s with us next year. 
As if this wasn’t enough, ladies and gentlemen… Lars Ditlev-Johansen, playwright, actor and BunkerLove Speaker and Spirit incorporated will lead a Drama entitled ‘A Walk in the Dark’ - a rewrite of Spoon River anthology for bunker landscapes! People with skills in drama production and interested in exploring the demons of our joint history in a dramatic context as well as actors who can act in Danish, German, English or French are needed. Please contact
Exciting and new!
We’ve tried to reach out to people who have shown interest and inspired the BunkerLove project. Among these are artist and member Andrew Zealey, who shared a vision about Kærsgård beach, which have big time grown on us. We are now working together on a layout for a Spiritual BunkerLove Festival there. Besides Andrew’s painting it might involve multimedia, light, renewable energy, oversized shells and Music...
We are in dialogue with (right now 9) other Danish and International artists about more Bunker transformations in Hirtshals, Furreby and beyond, and will share all the details about the artists and projects. We have great art for a fourth venue... and continuously very open for input.
We have Spirit…
For all these plans to materialize we need money/ resources and permissions/ dispensations. We shipped off an application for Northern Jutland regional culture funds because we see a perfect fit with their priorities. But we can’t put all our eggs in one basket and there is a lot of work ahead. If you would like to get involved with fundraising, relationship building, communication, contacts or anything else, then please get in touch. 
Andi – our third in the board - just became the father of a beautiful baby boy, and will continue to be involved on a strategic level.
Don’t be a stranger!
Nikkie & Nanna 
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