Festival plans & organisation. Thank yous to KulturKANten + Hjørring
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Managing so far

KulturKANtenOur applications for funding are bearing fruit. We would like to start by thanking KulturKANten for supporting and yet again securing a BunkerLove Festival series. KulturKANten is a collaboration between the 11 municipalities of North Denmark, the Region and the Danish Culture Agency. Thank you for your continued confidence in our project. We will do our utmost to ensure that the festivals are a success again.


Ambition versus reality

KulturKANten will be supporting our project with a generous DKK 190K (€ 25K) earmarked to partially fund the festivals in Hirtshals and Furreby/ Løkken. This amount is a mere eighth of our budget total, which already relies on volunteer resources and goodwill. As always, we will be trying to scale our activities to match our resources, but will be faced with the challenge of trying to realise the full program if we get further funding in the coming months. The full program is:

  • Rainbow BunkerLove Festival 2014 - Sunday, July 6 in Hirtshals

  • Free BunkerLove Festival 2014 - Sunday, July 13 in Løkken/ Furreby

  • Diaspora BunkerLove Festival 2014 - Sunday, July 20 in Hanstholm

  • Peace Caravan, Atlantic Wall, 7-21 July

We are in continuous dialogue and will be keeping all the artists who helped shape BunkerLove 2013 informed of developments. Right now we can’t offer anything concrete in monetary terms to everybody, but we promise that we will not run out of bunkers as a collective platform for artistic expression anytime soon.

Danielle Ruben bag fadølsanlægget i Grønhøj
New board
The board now consists of 9 members most of whom are also participating artists. We want to form more autonomous teams working for BunkerLove, and use present energy as this first formal point of departure to do so.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, queries or ideas:
Andi Debel - (Activity/ Peace Caravan support in Copenhagen)
Anja Korsgaard - (Merchandising and participating artist)
Ellen Raunsmed - (Aalborg University/ Academic)
Gregers Kirkegaard - (Peace Caravan and participating artist)
Inge Tranter - (Coordinator and participating artist)
Lars Ditlev Johansen - (Drama and participating artist)
Louise Kristensen - (Literature)
Nanna Thorhauge - (Coordinator)
Nikkie Dahm - (Coordinator)
Hjørring Kommune
Thank you HJØRRING

In addition to the beautifully strengthened board, we are very happy that Andrew Zealey ( is our artist in residence via Hjørring Municipality.
Hjørring Municipality further awarded us DKK 100K for specific project costs, which is a wonderful and most appreciated pat on the back. Thank you.


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