Dear friends


As you may have noticed, we have been rather quiet of late. We apologise for our silence and the delay in providing the minutes of our AGM (Danish only). We have held two meetings since then, where a major point of discussion has been the creation of a cell structure for the future organisation of BunkerLove.




We have welcomed Niels Peter as a new member of the board of BunkerLove. Niels Peter, one of two managers at Platform 4 in Aalborg, is new to the board as our treasurer, but has been our amazingly practical and creative partner from the beginning of 2014. He has created the sketches above for a structure of BunkerLove in the future.


Our new board consists of Nikkie Dahm as cInge Tranter in the bunker tunnel in Furrebyhairperson, Inge Tranter as vice chairperson, Nanna Thorhauge and Anja Korsgaard as board members. Louise Kristensen and Lars Ditlev Johansen as substitutes and still curators for respectively the literary and drama parts of the festival in North Jutland. Of our outgoing board members, Andi Debel and Gregers Kierkegaard are still our ambassadors in Copenhagen and Ellen Raunsmed in North Jutland. Thank you for the time and energy you have put into the board during your time with us.


BunkerLove will not be holding a festival in 2015, but we are planning a bumper festival in 2016. The break will provide time for us to organise and plan something more spectacular than our bunkers have ever seen before.


In the meantime, BunkerLove has been invited to participate in Region Nordjylland’s Land-Shape pilot festival in Hanstholm from 4-6 June. We are working on a program and more information will follow.


We would like to thank KulturKANten, Hjørring Municipality, LandShape and not least the many wonderful artists, members and individuals that have made BunkerLove possible. Thanks for all your help. We look forward to future collaborations and sharing more together.

From left: Anja, Inge, Nanna, Niels Peter, Nikkie


Best wishes

The board of BunkerLove


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