Second newsletter from BunkerLove Association - Please forward this practical information :)
Erik Peitersen for BunkerLove

Gold Tooth

Erik Peitersens Gold Tooth will be finalised just in time for the opening. Gold Tooth
Tranter & Sposmanyte

Slow-wave Sleep

Meile Sposmanyte & Inge Tranter have checked everything, this installation will rock your sleep. Slow-wave Sleep
Klondyke for Bunkerlove


Dance and enjoy Klondyke - this will be a beach concert to remember. Klondyke

Party tomorrow

True vernissage, the Rain rules... Gold Tooth will be finalised just in time to dry for climbing in, Sunday 16-20.
Program starts strictly at 16
Bunkerloving Welcome
Speech by Lars Ditlev Johansen
Slow-wave Sleep – presentation by Inge Tranter & Meile Sposmanyte
Gold Tooth – presentation by Erik Peitersen
17.30 Klondyke
We leave the rest to
DJ Siri
Fairbar (cash and credit card accepted)
And you…
Supposively sunny all day with some wind, so bring your bathing suit, a sweater and hat, and blankets to sit on. We’ll treat you to the little drinks we have, Fairbar sells drinks and you are free to bring your own food and drinks.
Please note that nearest toilets are 800 m along the beach towards Løkken.
It’s great to park away from the beach, beware of the aesthetics and the tide.
Keep the beach completely clean
We will collect the thrash ourselves, so please make it easy by minimising trash and use the trash bins and blue bucket ashtrays that we’ve put up.
The Furreby bunkers are located a little North of Løkken and can be accessed through the Beach roads from Nordre Strandvej in Løkken (go right when facing sea). Furreby bunkers can also be reached from Nørre Lyngby and through stairs from Furreby if you’re walking (go left when facing sea). Driving directions in Danish
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We can't wait to see you tomorrow 16-20 for the world's first BunkerLove festival!

Andi, Nikkie og Nanna
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