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Dear <<First Name>>

In the BunkerLove Association we are 86 registered members and you are one of them.

We are a range of nationalities and located in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, UK, Germany, France, Portugal, Brazil, the US and unspecified. We are a lot of resourceful people – artists in particular but also organisers and representatives for businesses and public organisations. We have not been very good at activating our members' resources though that is part of our vision, and now the board have had it. In mid June we will close BunkerLove as a legal entity. We suggest transformation.

To get a fuller picture that we can share, and to decide what’s ahead, here is a brief survey with 12 questions in four parts concerning membership, meetups, money and matter. It is in English only, feel free to make comments in any language you like.

Click here to open the questionnaire, please

In one week from now we will share the answers and extend the reach of the survey. When you answer then please consider that your answers are for sharing with our entire group.

With BunkerLove
We will update the BunkerLove membership signup form to reflect the changes to the project and write you again.
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