Najvar Law Firm secures victory for Shaun McCutcheon
McCutcheon v. FEC: A Landmark First Amendment Victory at Supreme Court

Today the Supreme Court issued a landmark victory for free speech in McCutcheon, striking down the aggregate limits on contributions from an individual to candidates and party committees.  Critically, the Court reiterated that the government may only restrict campaign finances in order to address the real or apparent threat of quid pro quo corruption.  That is a very narrow corruption threat-dollars for political favors-and the First Amendment prohibits government from regulating to equalize the ability of individuals to speak.  In a free society, it is paramount that this principle be maintained.  As we argued all along, the Court held that aggregate limits do not address any quid pro quo corruption threat, and therefore violate the First Amendment rights of campaign contributors.

Jerad Najvar, principal attorney at Najvar Law Firm, is pictured leaving the Supreme Court last October with Shaun McCutcheon following oral argument.  (Erin Murphy of Bancroft PLLC argued for plaintiffs.) Najvar conceived of the central argument in McCutcheon challenging the aggregate limit on candidate contributions, and then joined with Dan Backer of DB Capitol Strategies, PLLC and Stephen M. Hoersting to initiate the case. Michael Morley took the lead on McCutcheon's brief to the Supreme Court. The RNC was represented by Jim Bopp.

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Najvar Law Firm will provide further analysis as we digest the opinion in the coming days.

Jerad Najvar practices political and appellate law and is founder of the Najvar Law Firm in Houston. He represents clients before the Federal Election Commission and Texas Ethics Commission, and in litigation in state and federal courts. 

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