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May 2022


President's Message

By Suzanne Maranda

It is still a tentative spring: flowers are shivering but persevering and the buds are showing up, despite the frost and snow. So, like the plants, we have to get ready for spring as well! Our annual plant sale, the first since 2019 to be open to the public, is planned for May 28th. See the Spring Plant Sale section further down in the newsletter for the timing (also on our website), and do consider lending us a hand on that day (please email Suzanne). There is a lot of interest in gardening these days, so we need lots of plants from your gardens, and I hope some of you also grew plants (veg or flowers) from seed to bring to the sale. Please also share the flyer linked to this newsletter with family, friends, and neighbours.
I still have more news to here

May Meeting

Thursday, May 12th at 7:00 p.m.

Joyce Hostyn will present:

Little Forests Kingston…Big Plans

Nature Canada recently presented the Conservation Partner of the Year award to Little Forests Kingston. We’ve invited Joyce to share her vision of growth for the Little Forests project.

Haven't heard of Little Forests Kingston?
Click here to learn more
To Attend in Person:
Our meeting location is 2nd floor hall of Unitarian Place, located at 206 Concession Street, Kingston, between MacDonnell Street and Victoria Street. Parking is at the back of the building.

To Join the Meeting Online via Zoom:
Registration required by Wednesday, May 11th

Learn, Grow, Share

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We also share garden related information on Facebook. So, if you aren't following us already, consider connecting with us there.
We also share garden related information on Facebook. So, if you aren't following us already, consider connecting with us there.

OHA's Trillium Newsletter

Interested in seeing what other societies in the province are doing? Stay updated with the latest OHA news. Follow the link to the latest issue of the OHA’s Trillium newsletter.

OHA Updates

Please find some important information on the following topics:
  1. Jumping Worms:  Please check out the GardenOntario website for all the information at:
  2. Box Tree Moths:  Please check out the GardenOntario website for all the information at:
  3. Minister's Order for Avian Influenza:  Please check out the OMAFRA website for all the information at: 

Year of the Garden

You’re invited to join in the fun and “Live the Garden Life” during the Year of the Garden 2022, a celebration of everything garden and gardening related in Canada.

Our very own Year of the Garden events are taking shape.
Please mark your calendars for June 12th and June 18th:

  • On June 12th, we will showcase the Pollinator Garden at the Memorial Centre. We are hoping to unveil our new Little Seed Library. We would like some of our members to be on hand to answer questions from the public, not just about pollinator plants, but about gardening in general.
  • On June 18th, we will do something similar at Roden Park, where we have the Paterson Garden, a rock garden at the top of the hill. Because there is a lovely park all around, the plan is to invite the public to bring a picnic. And another Little Seed Library is planned for this location.
If you have a few hours to volunteer, we would love to have you help us as we prepare both these gardens for the events. Please contact Maureen (Pollinator Garden) and/or Pat (Paterson Garden) to arrange this.
Kingston Frontenac Public Library is partnering with Gardening Kingston for a plant swap! Bring your favorite green fellows to swap with others!

Fruit Tree Grafting Workshop

Have you ever wanted to create your own orchard, or have your own cider apple tree in your yard? Known varieties, from MacIntosh to Gala apples are not grown from seed, but grafted. Click here for workshop details

Volunteer Opportunity

Looking to Volunteer in a Historic Garden?  As a Parks Canada volunteer, you can share your ideas, knowledge, talent and skills to help enhance and grow the heritage kitchen garden at Bellevue House!  Please email us at for more details and how to register as a garden volunteer.

Visit the website
Photo courtesy Parks Canada

Spring Plant Sale

Plant Sale Procedures for members
Click here for details
Plant Sale Flyer to share with friends
Download here

Flower Parades

At the May and June meetings, you will have the opportunity to “show off”: if you have a flower in your garden that you would like to show all of us, please cut it and place it in a little vase, and bring it to the meeting. There will be no judging as in years past, but we do have a participation prize for all members who bring at least one flower to the May meeting.
Because there is no judging, we cannot call this a “flower show”, so I thought of a parade: we can line up all our vases as if in line for a parade!
In June, to follow the suggestion from the folks who planned the Year of the Garden, we would like to see red flowers, but again, the parade can be multi-coloured… because we love all flowers!
A little tip: if you need a small vase, I’ve seen quite a few at Value Village.

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