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February 2022


President's Message

By Suzanne Maranda

The federal and provincial governments have proclaimed this to be the Year of Garden.  At our request, the City of Kingston has agreed to the proclamation as well. Click on the image below to see the details. We also now have a link to the Year of the Garden homepage on our website and I encourage you to take a look, but you can also subscribe to their newsletter if you’d like to follow their activities and ideas more closely.

Some of these ideas turn out to be great winter activities. I will include more in upcoming newsletters, but for now, let’s start with these:
  • Would you like to nominate someone to be a Garden Hero? This is a special person who is active in our community, not necessarily a member of Gardening Kingston, but someone who encourages, supports, and mentors gardeners, or who is leading interesting gardening projects.
  • What about nominating a person or an event that could be included in Canada’s 100 Garden Moments? They are looking for historical achievements and leaders who shaped our country’s garden culture. Did you know that Kingston had the first botanical garden in Canada, established in 1861, on the grounds of Queen’s University? Maybe you would like to nominate this event?
Think about it and send an email to with your nominations for one or both. Please submit by February 28th.

In anticipation of being able to meet again in person, we have lined up a visit to Unitarian Place, home of the Kingston Unitarian Fellowship, 206 Concession Street, on February 26th, from 2-4 pm. We have thousands of seed packets to give away, so bring a bag and come visit the space that we will be renting for future GK meetings. There is parking behind the building and the entrance is under a blue awning on the side of the building (you will drive by it on your way to the parking). We've inserted a map and a clickable link further down in the newsletter. We need to follow the usual public health requirements: please show your proof of vaccination and wear a mask. I look forward to seeing you there!

I must end this note with a photo of my special garden visitor. On a sunny but cold day this little fox decided that my garden box was a cozy place to be. Funny how I’ve not seen squirrels recently…

Zoom Meeting

Thursday, February 10th at 7:00

Rebecca Last’s timely talk is titled
“Thugs, Bullies and Sneaks”
She offers a review of plants that have thuggish tendencies or other unfortunate outcomes when improperly sited.
Registration required by Wednesday, February 9th

Learn, Grow, Share

Register Now

Never Zoom'd before and don't know where to start?
Check out these resources:
  1. Zoom FAQ's
  2. Step-by-step Guide (PDF)
  3. Video and Tutorial
  4. Or send us an email and we'll try to help you out
We also share garden related information on Facebook. So, if you aren't following us already, consider connecting with us there.
We also share garden related information on Facebook. So, if you aren't following us already, consider connecting with us there.

Mark Your Calendar

Saturday, February 26th from 2-4 pm

Come and check-out our new meeting venue,
take home some seeds,
and get planting!

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