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If listening is your most important leadership skill, then how do you listen effectively as the boss? Find out in our latest video, How to Listen, including the 5-Step Process!
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 - featuring Ben Simonton, your Leadership Science guru, and me, Kimberly, his business partner and daughter.

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What We've Learned

We have covered quite a bit so far. Here is a summary of the past four videos.

What is the Goal?
The goal when managing people is to maximize the full potential of each person, so they apply 100% of themselves to their work utilizing all of their creativity, productivity, innovation, commitment and motivation. Watch
What is Leadership?
Leadership is the transmission of value standards to employees who then use those value standards in the performance of their work. Listening to employees is integral to understanding both followership and leadership. It is therefore only by listening that a leader can make improvements to their leadership and give their employees the tools they need to become highly motivated and productive. Employees may be up to 200% more productive with superior leadership than poor leadership. Watch
How to Create Engaged Employees
‘Engagement’ can be a misunderstood term. Many managers think that engagement is something they need to do to their employees, whereas in reality engagement is a condition that the employee chooses on their own based on the conditions that management sets in the workplace. To be fully engaged means using 100% of brainpower, productivity, creativity and innovation on the work and being fully committed and motivated. When first hired, employees are very engaged but become disengaged by management actions or inactions, usually the top-down, command-and-control approach to managing people. Instead of telling people what to do, leaders need to ask their employees what they need to do a better job. Rather than rewards, which can have a negative impact in the long-run, management needs to provide the ethos where employees will make the decision to become fully engaged. Watch

The Most Important Skill – Listening
Listening is absolutely critical to creating a working environment in which employees will decide on their own to become highly motivated, committed, fully-engaged people who literally love to come to work. As well as improving leadership, listening to employees ensures that you gain their trust, their respect and their total commitment. Assuming it is backed with appropriate action, it shows that you care and value your employees and they in turn will repay you with high levels of motivation, productivity, creativity and innovation. Watch

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