BVL Fundraising Season

BVL Announces Fifth Consecutive Year of Increased Contributions
Thanks to several significant contributions from major industry partners, increasing participation from bowling proprietors, and the addition of new associations, The Bowlers to Veterans Link realized an upturn in total donations for the recently-concluded fiscal year – rising from approximately $796,000 in the 11-12 season to $843,000 in the 12-13 season.  This marks the fifth consecutive year of growth for the sport of bowling’s oldest and most successful charity.
“We truly benefited by the outstanding support of three key industry players,” explained BVL Board Chair Darlene Baker.  “With the wonderful contribution from the Billiard and Bowling Institute of America for $35,000; the Brunswick Bowling Centers ‘Bowl for Freedom’ program which generated $27,000; and a generous gift from Bowling Business Builders International of $10,000; all our veterans programs - that help Brighten Veterans Lives - will be preserved and enhanced.”
The Brunswick ‘Bowl for Freedom’ campaign, which offered bowlers discounted games and contributed proceeds to BVL, created the largest increase in bowling center donations.
Once again, California dominated association contributions.  However, two states charted a significant increase in contributions; Texas produced an 80% uptick in donations, and Michigan, adding a record 15 new contributing associations, rose 55%.  New this year to the BVL roster was the state of Louisiana, bringing in $16,210.30. 
The top ten states based on contributing associations for 2012-13 season were:
CA                                                    $129,766.33
VA                                                      $45,276.90
TX                                                        $39,928.71
MI                                                       $27,110.25
IL                                                        $26,068.83
MN                                                     $22,780.74
GA                                                       $22,312.43
OR                                                       $18,502.98
LA                                                        $16,210.30
CO                                                       $15,449.11
The top ten local association donations for the 2012-13 season were:
Citrus Belt USBC                              $23,026.57
Minneapolis USBC                           $15,466.87
Nation's Capital Area USBC           $15,319.00
Metro Phoenix USBC                      $10,300.00
Greater Houston USBC                     $9,296.00
Orange County USBC                        $9,117.58
San Diego USBC                                 $8,800.00
Greater Sacramento Area USBC     $8,000.00
Greater Atlanta USBC                       $7,500.00
Virginia Peninsula USBC                   $7,340.85
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