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August 2017
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Summer is a wonderful time to enjoy the great outdoors.  I took time Sunday afternoon to drive to a lovely place called Shaker Village located in Harrodsburg, Kentucky.  I hiked one of their many wonderful trails where I found a large rock next to a small creek.  After making myself comfortable sitting on the rock, I saw myself surrounded by tall trees and colorful wildflowers, felt a cool breeze gently blow across my face, and felt the lack of needing to be anywhere else.  In the distance I could hear birds and insects singing each their own unique songs.  I felt peaceful and alive with all my senses engaged in the present moment.  I could feel the benefits of just being quiet for a while under the canopy of the trees. That time I spent in nature allowed me to connect with the larger world of nature and absorb all the positive energy.   
It can sometimes be challenging, however, to escape the city life of black top and concrete to find soul sanctuaries nestled among forests, beaches, mountains, deserts, lakes, rivers, etc.  It turns out spending time in nature at least 30 minutes or more a week is not only good for your soul but good for your mind and physical body.  Physical benefits include decreased blood pressure, decreased heart rate, reduced inflammation, immune system boost, as well as better physical shape when walking, hiking or doing other physical activities.  The positive effects of being in nature for the mind includes a reduction in depression, sharper thinking and creativity, restoration of mental energy, less stress, improved concentration, increase in attention span, reduced anxiety and overall increases in pleasant feelings.  So with all these many health benefits you gain from being in nature, it's time to be in nature.    
Below is a meditation I created while sitting on that rock.  You, too, will hear the birds and insects singing.  Imagine sitting in nature as you take a break and join me in this meditation.

Meditative Nature Walk
Date: Sat. Aug. 19, 2017
Time:  8:00 - 9:00 AM
Cost:  Free 

Where: UK Arboretum, Lexington

RSVP to Theresa at (859) 494-5851 (text or phone)
For more information, Call Theresa at (859) 494-5851 or email at


Reconnecting with Nature

Use this meditation to enhance your ability to remember your dreams.

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