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March 2017

Take on an attitude of gratitude!  We hear this a lot, but what really is gratitude? 
Gratitude is defined as the “quality of being grateful, thankful or a in a state of appreciation.”  It is simply the act of looking around and seeing all the good in the world.  So, for example, take this Spring season.  It has provided a plethora of opportunities for which to be grateful; warmer weather, colorful floral, and the chorus of song birds.  These are wonderful gems.   Just appreciating them for showing their beautiful colors, embracing you with warm breezes and singing to you is a start toward embracing an attitude of gratitude.  Feeling grateful for those you love.  That will fortify the emotional connection you have with them bringing even more love into the relationship.  You can also allow yourself to feel grateful for the love, support or validation you have received from others.   You will notice that when doing this, you will experience a shift from the fear-based part of your brain (called the reptilian brain) up to the love-focused part of the brain (called neocortex).  This shift releases positive neurotransmitters like oxytocin into the brain which perpetuates the positive feelings of gratitude, unconditional love, compassion, and acceptance.   
These are just a few ways you can take on the ‘attitude of gratitude.’  To maintain those good feelings, keep a journal of all those moments of gratitude.  And review them in moments of stress.  When you develop this practice, I promise you will feel surges of postive energy both emotionally and physically.


A new Loving Journey 101 group is scheduled to begin Thursday, May 24th, 1-2:30pm.  If you're still not sure about what you'll gain from this program, watch this short orientation.  Or, if you know someone who would love this program, send them this video.  Then feel free to call or email with questions.  This world needs more love and where better to start than learning to love yourself?

Loving Journey 101

Date: Thursday, May 25, 2017
(Watch Orientation Here)
Time:  1:00 – 2:30pm
Cost:  $210/six-week session  

Creating More Love & Joy in the Parent/Child Relationship

Date: Wed. May-24-2017
Time:  6:00 – 8:00pm
Cost:  *Free*


Standing in Love Workshop:  Shifting from Fear to Love

Date: Sat. Jun-17-2017
Time:  9:00am  – 5:00pm
Cost:  *Free*


For more information, Call Theresa at (859) 494-5851 or email at



One of the quickest way to get in the “Love Field” is to simply feel gratitude.  Enjoy this special meditation on the topic of gratitude.


Field of the Miraculous

Allow yourself to generate miracles in your life with this 13 ½ minute meditation.

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