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2018-2019 Annual Report
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Friends of Nachusa Grasslands invites you to enjoy our 2018-2019 Annual Report, More Than Prairie.
We are excited to share our 2018-2019 Friends of Nachusa Grasslands annual report. In this issue, you can learn about:
  • President's message on "boomers and stickers"
  • Nachusa's woodlands, savannas, wetlands, streams, and ponds
  • Science grant recipients and project descriptions
  • Heritage Hero Harriet Choice
  • Friends' mission
  • Annual financial results
  • Our July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019, donors
A message from Mike Saxton, Friends of Nachusa Grasslands Vice President:
Though the landscape seems to slow in autumn, Nachusa is abuzz with action and hope.
Stewards snip seed heads and pull the last stubborn weeds, while researchers finish field seasons and begin to crunch their numbers. Photographers snap inspiring photos, and volunteers check fences and lead tours. Burns are planned and fires set. Science proposals are reviewed, awards are made, and research symposia are hosted. We advocate, educate, engage, and restore. Because the land never stops, neither can we.
A diverse and vibrant community like Nachusa is more than the sum of its varied and unique parts. The microbes, fungi, plants, insects, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals are reliant on each other. And we, in turn, rely on them. More than simply an assemblage of beautiful flora and charismatic fauna, the prairie has taken root in our hearts. Prairie is our community and Nachusa is our peace.
For all the things that prairie is, it is also vulnerable. While we delight in expansive vistas and marvel at their beauty, we also recognize that across the globe birds, insects, forests, and prairies are vanishing. Species are being lost. Climate is changing. But these facts do not deter us. They compel us forward, giving urgency to our work and adding meaning to our mission.
But more than anything, prairie is hopeful. There is redemption in the fires we set and in the seeds we sow. As the land heals, so does our connection to it. The research that we fund confirms what our hearts already knew – when reclaimed from the plow and saved from the harrow, prairie is possible. 
And it’s your support that makes it so. Thank you for sticking with us and for being one who hopes.

Friends of Nachusa Grasslands 2019 Annual Meeting by Dee Hudson
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