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2016-2017 Annual Report
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The Friends of Nachusa Grasslands is pleased to announce the publication of its 2016-2017 Annual Report, "A Prairie Vocabulary."
In this issue of the Annual Report, we consider words from A to Z that help us tell the story of Nachusa Grasslands.
A message from Mike Saxton, Friends of Nachusa Grasslands Vice President, on how you can you join with Friends to build endowments that will help defray the cost of natural areas management, staff, and operating expenses; conduct and encourage stewardship; and support education and scientific activity at the preserve:
The phrase for lack of a better word always seems a bit disingenuous. After all, the English language contains more than 170,000 words. Then, you stand on top of a Nachusa knob above a sea of golden grasses that sway in the autumn breeze. At your feet, bees buzz, butterflies flit, and a sparrow takes to wing. Bison graze in the distance.
It leaves you speechless.
In 1870, John C. Van Tramp remarked that Illinois prairies, “inspire feelings so unique, so distinct from anything else, so powerful, yet vague and indefinite, so as to defy description, while they invite the attempt.” As long as there are prairies, this invitation to find a vocabulary to describe the tallgrass stands. Making the attempt to describe it offers us the chance to see, to experience, and to come to know the vague and indefinite.

Determined volunteers work to enhance the diversity of life at Nachusa Grasslands.
Each year our Science Grants fund for research increases, enabling new discoveries about the landscape we cherish.

We continue to build endowments to fund the long-term protection and management that will secure the future of this prairie and ensure that the invitation to try and describe it stands forever.
Verdant, resilient, beautiful, inspiring, yours: these words and so many others attempt to capture the essence and allure of Nachusa Grasslands. It exists today because of the actions of many and the support from you.
The prairie needs your help to survive. Your donation keeps this vibrant community of grasses, bison, birds, and butterflies vibrant and healthy. We can’t always find words that do the prairie’s complexity and beauty justice. We can work together to ensure generations to come have the opportunity to make the attempt.  Join with me and President Bernie Buchholz in securing this future for Nachusa.
Friends of Nachusa Grasslands Annual Meeting by Dee Hudson
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