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2017-2018 Annual Report
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The Friends of Nachusa Grasslands invites you to enjoy our 2017-2018 Annual Report, "Seeing Nachusa."
Tallgrass prairie provides the ultimate Rorschach test — not with inkblots, but with rolling hills and wildflowers. In describing what you see, you reveal a bit about yourself. When we look at Nachusa, we all see something different…and therein lies the opportunity. . . .

This annual report offers different takes on “seeing Nachusa” from people who clearly understand what they see. Regular volunteers, a scientist, a donor, a photographer, and a dragonfly monitor each tell us what they see and how that makes them feel. Each takes the Rorschach test and reveals a bit of themselves. Experiencing Nachusa through their eyes is an opportunity to grow our understanding of the grasslands and maybe even to find something that can connect us as a community.
                                                           Bernie Buchholz
                                                           Friends of Nachusa Grasslands President
A message from Mike Saxton, Friends of Nachusa Grasslands Vice President:
Scratch the surface at Nachusa and you’ll see a place teeming with life. Though at first glance an autumn prairie may appear as just a grassy landscape, nestled in and among the towering bluestem is a wealth of asters, goldenrods, and various other flowering plants, each providing resources – seed, pollen, and cover – to birds, butterflies, and bees. There are microbes in the soil, tiny creatures in the water, and unseen insects at every turn. Life abounds.

This didn’t happen by accident, however. It took foresight and planning, science and research, and your donations and support. It took blood, sweat, and tears. But perhaps more than anything, it required an ambitious vision and a hopeful optimism that prairie was possible, that a landscape could be restored.

Talented staff, dedicated volunteers, and generous backers have seen the vision through to fruition. Decades of seeds and support have yielded stunning results – a diverse array of flora and fauna, a precious gift of prairie for generations to come.
It almost feels like magic, but we know that it is not.

Nachusa was reclaimed from the plow and saved from the harrow because of those who could see the promise of the prairie. Just as the Nachusa didn’t miraculously “happen,” the future of this land is not guaranteed. It requires your involvement and investment, your love and support.

For the last decade, Friends of Nachusa Grasslands has been tirelessly engaged in restoring the health of the land through stewardship, in furthering the understanding of our shared prairie heritage by funding science, and in building endowed funds to guarantee a secure future for the grasslands. None of this is possible without your donation.

Prairie is the gift that keeps on giving. Match the land’s generosity with a gift of your own and ensure that these grasslands will continue to give for generations to come.

Friends of Nachusa Grasslands 2018 Annual Meeting by Greg Baker
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