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September 10, 2013
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A New Breed of Learners

This year's Learning! 100 Award-winners continue to exemplify the very best qualities of leadership that have consistently propelled the world of learning to new heights, year after year. We've seen paradigms broken, technology applied in areas that we would have never thought possible, and new practices that have completely disrupted traditional approaches to learning. And as inspiring as all this sounds, we've come to expect even more barriers to be broken in future years.

So that begs the question, "What's going on?" After all, the classroom has been pretty much the same for the past several thousand years. We think part of the answer may lie in the collective unrest with the status quo.

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Latest News

• How Not to Be Promoted
There are also several behaviors other than subpar or average performance that employers identified as red flags, keeping employees from promotions, including... >>

• Creating Engaging Visual Presentations
You've put together a great PowerPoint document for your next presentation. But that still doesn't guarantee that your audience will pay any attention to the information you'll be imparting. Here are seven tools to help build an engaging presentation...>>


• Meridian/Office.com
Meridian Knowledge Solutions is collaborating with Office.com to launch training content for the Microsoft Office suite from inside Meridian Global LMS. Users can view instructional videos on topics related to their daily tasks...>>

• Tribridge/Intelladon
Tribridge, a technology services firm specializing in business applications and cloud solutions, is acquiring Tampa-based Intelladon, a talent management solutions consultant and integrator...>>

Web Seminar Series

• Learning & Talent Systems Buying Trends
Date: October 3rd  Time: 9:00 AM PT/ 12:00 PM ET

This webinar will deal with the latest trends around Learning & Talent Systems. Topics we'll be covering include the following:

  • The top 10 LMS & TMS trends
  • Why are people picking Cloud/SaaS;
  • The MUST Haves in your next Talent System; and
  • What you should look for when selecting your next vendor.

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• The Quest for Talent: Developing the NextGen Workforce
Date: October 3rd  Time: 9:30 AM PT/ 12:30 PM ET

In this session, you will get a glimpse of trends in early learning from the former chairman of today's top educational toy manufacturer. Hear from Tom Kalinske, former CEO and chairman of LeapFrog (NYSE), and now vice chairman.

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LMS's for Extended Enterprises

Businesses and member-based associations are looking for ways to extend the learning experience beyond their walls to reach a wider audience of stakeholders. What are some of the benefits of this practice and how can they select a learning management system (LMS) that helps them achieve their extended enterprise vision?


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Meridian Knowledge Solutions

• A New Breed of Learners
• How Not to Be Promoted
• Meridian/Office.com

• Tribridge/Intelladon
• Learning & Talent Systems Buying Trends
• The Quest for Talent: Developing the NextGen Workforce
• LMS's for Extended Enterprises

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