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All Traditional Painter kitchens seem so high end

A reader asked me recently if we would be interested in painting her kitchen. Of course, it is what we do.  

But she said it is "only" a small wooden kitchen in a 3-bed semi, and nothing fancy compared to some of the kitchens you show on your site. 

By way of an answer, here is an example of a modest kitchen that Mark Nash just applied his full care and attention to. A "pine" foil wrap kitchen.


Thorough cleaning, high adhesion primers, durable satin matt topcoats (as used on the most expensive High St custom-made kitchens), all fittings tweaked. That worked! completed without the hassle and expense of  installing a new kitchen from scratch.

And kitchen size doesn't matter either. Paul Barber, Traditional Painter in Northampton, is working his way through 14 bespoke wooden kitchens installed in Fired Earth designer homes - there are only between 5 and 7 units in each kitchen!

That was just a couple of examples of what specialist kitchen painters do, when not painting 40-unit designer kitchens with exotic overmantles and TV chef-size cooking ranges.


Lincrusta in Mongolia

Mr Lincrusta (Andy Sarson) has been to Ulaanbaatar Mongolia to train future Lincrusta installers for a company called Nomin Construction, who are currently building the River Gardens and Times Square, 2 very prestigious builds, which are high end and the height of luxury.

Nomin Painter and decorators are very knowledgeable; the training was well received over 4 days!

Click on the image to see a video promo of River Garden.

Check out the Lincrusta site.

Also we have a few informative threads on our forum about Lincrusta

MPB contest: Win an Adorn/Axis Measure Pro non-reflective & scratch resistant 8m steel tape

Measure Pro steel tapeHere's all you have to do! 

Read the following statement

According to 
the Axis tape product info, this tape has a feature that makes it easy to mark off 18" centres. 

Tweet "True" or "false" , and include "#MPB Measure Pro tapes rule!" in your tweet.

One correct tweet will be picked at random next weekend. Winner gets this robust 8m/27' metric/imperial tape, worth £9.99.

My Handpainted Furniture brightens up Donegal

Traditional Painter, Adam Bermingham, covers Southern Ireland with beautiful painted furniture. Hand finished and lacquered to last. Recycled furniture for homeowners, or for sale from his own store.

A bit of web stuff

When I were a lad, my parents stuck a poster of the Wild West next to my bed. It put in context many of the characters, places and events that I only knew of, vaguely, from films and books.  I thought my gran was very cool when I worked out she was 16 when Buffalo Bill died.

Despite memorising the whole poster, I never became a cowboy.

Moving forward for-how-many-years? to this Conservation Prism poster.

If you don't really understand what social media is, beyond "something you do on Facebook", you might appreciate this poster. It gives context to how pioneering companies are making their mark in the wild world of Social media.

It is regularly updated, so the next time Google ambush a start-up, or have a shoot out with Facebook, you might have to buy a new copy, or get heavy with the tippex.

But overall, this makes sense of the bushwhack world of social information sharing around the internet. ($19 if you are in the USA, $34 if you are in the UK.

(Memorising it will not make you an internet billionaire, by the way! Joining us on FaceBook, who knows what might happen.)

Quick questions

What brush is fast becoming a * painter's favourite pack of 3?

What do you get if you cross * £30 with an order from MPB this holiday weekend?

Mirka Abranet starter kit offer isn't going away till you all have one! Dustless sanding for £33.07

How many reasons do you need to buy this sassy little dustless hand sander, as owned and used by many of the best pros in decorating?

Read on!

abranet hand sanding kit

The Abranet Starter Kit Special Web Price: £33.07 inclusive VAT & delivery

firmly planting my tongue in cheek... 

This is brought to you by Traditional Painter, well known for its teach not sell approach!

Or buy one for the real reason we did, because you can be a better decorator for an investment of next to nothing.

The Hallmark-Fraulo site is under construction for the time being but this link takes you to their homepage with phone and email address. Mention Traditional Painter and the Starter kit Special, and their office will take care of the rest for you.
Comes with sanding block, interface pad, 5 sheets of abranet and a hose with a universal conical bung that fits most vacuums like Henry-

Unpack and you are ready to go dustless with Abranet for just     £33.07 all incl. 

Corona Brush gets a good airing

In the USA, Corona brushes have an excellent reputation for quality, and rightly so. Same is happening in the UK as early adopters like Ron Taylor keep coming back to the Tynex-Orel bristle brushes like Cody and Ontario for water-borne paint for woodwork.

Corona are offering a pack of rather useful brushes that any pro or DIY will love. Not far off 500 subscribers to the blog now, so if you receive updates by email, you will be in the offing soon to win in the draw.

And this is some Corona reading on Traditional Painter. 

Holmans Specialist Paints

Aerosols are a handy addition to a painter's armoury. 

Handles and door knobs come out smoother and faster with a spray finish; spot priming with shellac primers in an aerosol can be a lot more efficient and leaves  "zero brushmarks" for even more efficiency; backs of column radiators, pipework, picture frames - are all easier to do with a spray. 

Check out Holmans for aerosols, mixed in many finishes in up to 15000 colours!

Another quick fix spray option is a little marvel called the Sata 3000 Minijet HVLP. It is compressor-driven, and has a 250ml reservoir. An airbrush on steroids.

I can highly recommend Sata, and the suppliers at Flints Theatrical know them inside out, if you want a bit of an edge. 

And if you ever think you have gone as far as you can with spray kit, check out this video with "Stig of the spray world", the epitome of a spray tech, if you ask me. It is automotive, but that's where Mirka came from, so always something for decorators to learn...


Any thoughts or ideas for products you would like reviewed please let us know.

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