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Valued Customer,
Welcome to the Suntell Perspective, our Quarterly Newsletter!  Here you will find information about upcoming product features, events, company info, industry news, and more.


Product Information

Credit Analysis Enhancement Project:

We are knee-deep into the analysis and development for our upcoming Credit Analysis release.  We are making significant changes to the structure of the spreads, as well as a large number of enhancements to this area.  All existing requests from our customers were reviewed and determined how/if they would be incorporated.  We have greatly appreciated the feedback from our customers throughout the analysis project.  If you have an outstanding request, we may be reaching out to you at some point for clarification, if needed.

Due to the magnitude of this project, the first release with changes is not anticipated until late 2016, with a second release of changes to AgExam the summer following that.  We appreciate your patience, as we are very confident that the changes being included will result in a more robust underwriting tool.


Scheduling your update to

If you have not already done so, please schedule your update to LMS Version, please contact Technical Support at 888-848-7349, Option 2, or send an email to  Release documentation can be downloaded from the Document Library on our website.



Training & Support News

Core Conversions:

2015 seems to be the year of core conversions, as we have seen more in the past twelve months than ever, with core conversions scheduled into Q1 of 2016.  If you will be moving to a new core, you must contact Suntell Customer Support and work with our import development team.  A conversion to a new core requires new import development, and potential conversion of your Portfolio IDs, loan numbers, and/or deposit account numbers.  Once you have a contract in place with your new core vendor, please contact to discuss the details surrounding your core conversion and the work required.  

Interesting Reads

Message from the CEO:
Product Reviews

Earlier this year I discussed 'Completing the Vision' for Suntell and the industry problem we were trying to solve when we founded the company.  The solution we developed to address this industry problem, the Square 1 Credit Suite, streamlines the commercial and agricultural lending analysis and document workflow in just under 200 community financial institutions today. In August, we will have reached the 19 year anniversary milestone since the company was founded.   Read the entire article here...



Get specific about your goals and keep them visible.
You can create a CRE Stress test directly from your Rent Roll data so that you do not need to re-key information.
Square 1 Credit Suite

New Customers!
Suntell is pleased to announce that four new customers that have joined us since our last newsletter.  Welcome to our new customers!


Happy Anniversary!

We like to recognize our customers that have been with Suntell for 5, 10, and 15 years.  Thank you for your continued business and support!  We truly appreciate the loyalty of our customers.

In the second quarter of 2015, the following customers have celebrated milestone anniversaries with us.

Our bank in Liberty, MO (10 years)

Our bank in Easton, MD (5 years)

Our bank in Wheatland, IA (5 years)

Our credit union Beaumont, TX (5 years)

Our bank in Bloomington, MN (5 years)
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