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Fall 2014

Valued Customer,
Welcome to the Suntell Perspective, our Quarterly Newsletter!  Here you will find information about upcoming product features, events, company info, industry news, and more.



Documentation Tracking Best Practices

Are you wondering about best practices for implementing Documentation Tracking? Check out our new Documentation Tracking: Procedures guide for tips and considerations about leveraging this powerful tickler system within your organization.  To find the guide, log-in to the Customer Portal and click on Install Guides, then download the Documentation Tracking: Procedures from within the Examples section.  

Training & Support

Suntell Announces LMS Version

Spread Projections and Email Doc Tracking Letters Included
In August, our latest release, Version (Cayenne Release) became available.  This release includes several new features, including:
  • Spread Projections in Credit Analysis for General and Middle Market, Ag, Form 1120 and Form 1065
  • Doc Tracking exception letters can now be emailed to customers or third parties
  • Block Employee information from key sliders in the LMS
  • New Proposed Loan report
  • New Collateral Not Attached to Loans report
If you have not yet updated, please contact for more information.  LMS Version 18.0.5 is a prerequisite, so if you have not yet been updated to this version, you will receive both updates simultaneously.

Interesting Reads

Message from the CEO:
"Economic Cycles and Bubbles"

Having been in banking in some form for 30+ years, I have been witness to some incredible cycles and bubbles. Because these cycles and bubbles form naturally in an economy over time, the ability to manage risk, and specifically credit risk, during all phases of an economic cycle and prior to a bubble popping, is vitally important to the health and profitability of your financial institution.   Read the entire article here...



"Well done is better than well said."  -Benjamin Franklin
Create your spread projections based either on a single period, or a 3-year-average.  Right-click on your spread, and choose "Projection."
Square 1 Credit Suite

New Customers!
Suntell is pleased to announce that 6 new customers that have joined us since our last newsletter.  These customers represent banks and credit unions in Ohio, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Kansas, and Florida.  Welcome to our new customers!

Happy Anniversary!

We like to recognize our customers that have been with Suntell for 5, 10, and 15 years.  Thank you for your continued business and support!  We truly appreciate the loyalty of our customers.

In the third quarter of 2014, the following customers have celebrated milestone anniversaries with us.

Estherville, IA (10 years)
*Dakota Plains Federal Credit Union

Lemmon, SD  (5 years)
*Lyons Federal Bank

Lyons, KS (5 years)
*United Bankers' Bank

Bloomington, MN (5 years)
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