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SIDE NOTES | The Third Ghost

The Schuman Declaration is neither long nor exciting. It is rather a concise and sober text, but its literary dearth contrasts with its rich historical and political significance: the launching of a path of reconciliation and of the future, the prelude to the process of European construction through a long shot, a “leap into the unknown”, as Schuman stated on 9 May 1950.  

ALUMNI NETWORK  | Adrián Dios-Vicente

The Need for a European Response to the Current Economic Situation
The post-2008 European economic context can be seen as the hardest since the start of the post-World War II integration process. Even with major economic crises (particularly in the period after 1973 and 1991-1993), the last 15 years have undoubtedly meant one of the greatest economic challenges since the beginning of the 20th century, both in terms of impact and consequences and their duration.

OPEN TRIBUNE | Óscar Arias Sánchez

It is not Strength, but Reason, that is the Prodigy of Humanity 
Stripped of superstitions and dark predictions, from reason and memory I invoke the wise spirits that inhabit these corridors. I would like to think that some echo still runs through these vaults, bringing us the meditations from the past centuries of that Emperor who chose these cloisters to look towards Europe and from Europe to the world; in order to contemplate the destiny of the orb from the simplicity of his bedroom, changing the sumptuous palaces and the wide avenues for the placid quietness of the meadow under the blue sky of Extremadura.


INTERVIEW  | Sergio Ramírez

Sergio Ramírez (Masatepe, Nicaragua, 5 August 1942) is the first Nicaraguan writer to win the Cervantes Prize. His gaze reveals the idea that he always has a story in mind, as if in spite of physically being somewhere, his imagination were coming up with a parallel story, the one he will tell in his next book. Ramírez, in addition to having a prolific literary work, has also been a Sandinista revolutionary and vice president of his country (1985-1990) with Daniel Ortega, who in 2021 signed an arrest warrant against him. He has lived in exile in Spain ever since.  


CURRENT NEWS  | Adrián Bonilla

Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean Facing the Changing International Order
In the last two decades, the relationship between Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean has gone through several moments and episodes that illustrate the dynamism of the structure of the international system and the dynamics of its political order. Both the moments of rapprochement, and those that suggest the perception of stagnation, account for economic and political processes that go beyond the will of government decision makers.

PUBLICATIONS | 2021 Newsletter Annual of Yuste´s Academy

This annual includes articles and interviews published in the Newsletter of the European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste during 2021; a difficult year in a complex world, besieged by an endless pandemic and convulsed by clashes that should have never occurred.
In such situations, in the midst of numerous battles in which everything is lost, we always have words, which become reflection and hope in the shape of a book.

Adrián Gavín Lalaguna
A Paper on the Course “European Union-Latin America and the Caribbean Relations: A Renewed Agenda and a Programme for Recovery Under the SDGs"
VIDEO | Iberian Dialogues José Saramago: A Minute, a Century


This course is organised for the third consecutive year in collaboration with the Regional Government of Extremadura’s Cross-Border Initiatives Office. It intends to strengthen relations in the field of linguistic, literary, cultural and academic cooperation, which are a development opportunity in cross-border regions such as Extremadura, as well as in Ibero-American and other geographical areas where Spanish and Portuguese are common and communication languages.

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