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SIDE NOTES | Ukraine

We’ve heard it so many times that it’s already part of our lives. “Europe will not be made at once”, proclaimed Schuman, and those seven words sounded like glory in his day in the unfinished heat of a defeated, depressed, sad and pessimistic Europe.

OPEN TRIBUNE | Lorena Chano Regaña

Democracy, Human Rights and the Renewal of the Social Contract
The social contract is an explanatory hypothesis of the organisation of power. The premise of this hypothesis is that all people are naturally free and equal in rights. Freedom and equality are inherent in human dignity and are the qualities that enable people to transfer part of their individual rights to a political institution and social organisation, as is the state, which guarantees a life in a peaceful and orderly society.



INTERVIEW  | Sergi Farré Salvá 

Cultural and scientific diplomacy has become a fundamental tool for relations between people in recent years, because it improves the image and reputation of countries by presenting them as a melting pot of opportunities, of creativity; one that is plural, active and dynamic, as these diplomatic opportunities are also used to present messages and promote aspects related to the political system, the economy, tourism, or science and innovation. 


CURRENT NEWS | Javier Martos Moreno

The Other Great Pandemic
The claim that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone seems obvious. However, beyond the health sector and the already well-known economic consequences, the coronavirus has brought another new pandemic along with it, which is also very dangerous. A pandemic in which fear and manipulation are the main viruses and truthfulness is the vaccine. The World Health Organization calls it “infodemic”, referring to the abundance of false news or hoaxes that cause disinformation in society.

PUBLICATIONS | Pliegos de Yuste nº21

This issue includes the speeches given in the course “Cohesion and solidarity policies in the European Union”, which was organised by the European and Ibero-American Academy of Yuste Foundation on the process of European integration. The aim of this event was to provide an up-to-date and detailed overview of the profile, content and results of the European Union’s cohesion and solidarity policies over the last five years, while also taking into account its basic origins and objectives and its main milestones and difficulties.


Ivonne Karla Márquez Jiménez
Brexit: An Opportunity for the European Union

VIDEO | Sessions “Revealing Conflicts. Journalism and Communication for International Cooperation”

These sessions aim to raise awareness of how international conflicts are addressed through communication and journalism, highlighting the importance of truthful and verified information allowing for in-depth and perspective analysis that avoids the trivialisation and instrumentalisation of these complex situations.

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