July- October 2017   Vol. 12 No. 4

Belize - Stakeholder consultation to develop a national suicide prevention plan


In an effort to develop a National Suicide Prevention Plan, the Mental Health Program of the Ministry of Health in Belize, in collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), hosted a two-day stakeholder consultation workshop in Belize City, July 4-5.

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Peru - Seminar workshop on mental health research
The "Research agenda in mental health care reform" seminar workshop was held at the headquarters of the Pan American Health Organization in Lima, on July 14. It was jointly organized by the Ministry of Health and Fundación Manantial with the purpose of encouraging the development of new evidence in mental health within the Peruvian context and to reduce the existing data gap.

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Peru - Mental health professionals trained in Lima

On July 24 and 25, a training of trainers workshop on WHO’s mental health Gap Action Programme (mhGAP) was held at EsSalud, Peru’s Social Health Insurance. The purpose was to train health professionals specialized in mental health - psychologists, psychiatrists and neurologists – who will then replicate the training among non-specialized professionals and provide the necessary support.

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Washington D.C. – PAHO’s presentation on LGBT health disparities at APA’s Annual Conference
The American Psychological Association (APA) held its annual convention in Washington D.C., August 3. Dr. Claudina Cayetano, PAHO/WHO Regional Advisor on Mental Health, joined representatives from APA, the World Health Organization and the U.S. State Department in a symposium on international LGBT health and human rights policy and advocacy.

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Argentina - mhGAP training in Tierra del Fuego
On August 10-11, Ushuaia hosted a mental health training course for health professionals from all over the Province of Tierra del Fuego working at different care levels. The provincial Secretary of Mental Health and Addictions, Jorge Rosetto, and the Minister Head of Cabinet, Leonardo Gorbacz, attended the event.
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2017 International Confederation of Addiction Research Associations meeting
The International Confederation of Addiction Research Associations (ICARA) held its annual meeting at PAHO/WHO Headquarters in Washington D.C., on August 28-30. The aims of the meeting were to discuss capacity building in addiction science; share practical information among research society leaders; consider issues, needs and accomplishments of addiction scientists in Latin America and the Caribbean; and formulate a future agenda for ICARA. The more than twenty contributors included Thomas Babor (ICARA’s President), Maristela Monteiro (PAHO), Luis Alfonzo (PAHO), Ludovic Reveiz (PAHO), Carla Saenz (PAHO), Luis Cuervo (PAHO), Vladimir Poznyak (WHO by webex), Niamh Fitzgerald (WHO), Diana Rossi (Argentina), Alfredo Pemjean (Chile), Pernell Clarke (Organization of American States - OAS) and Ralph Hingson (National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism - NIAAA). 
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Colombia – mhGAP training workshops in Bogotá and Pasto
Given the importance of continuous mental health care training for primary health care professionals, a workshop to reinforce WHO mhGAP programme was held in Bogotá, 4-5 September. Twenty-three professionals from ten departments from different parts of the country participated in the workshop, which was facilitated by Dr. Andrea Bruni PAHO / WHO Subregional Advisor on Mental Health and Substance Use.
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INEBRIA Research Conference in New York - USA
On September 14-15, the International Network on Brief Interventions for Alcohol and Other Drugs (INEBRIA) and partners organized a conference around the theme of “Screening and brief intervention at the intersection of research, policy and practice: Advancing knowledge and meeting new challenges”. The purpose of this INEBRIA conference was to present outcomes of screening and brief intervention research as well as encourage further progress in this field with emphasis on implementing and enhancing what works, in addition to finding new, effective and sustainable methods for addressing harmful alcohol and drug use.

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