A heartfelt goodbye and a humble bow of gratitude.

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I am letting you know that Sage Yoga & Wellness will be closing. We have thrived as a community center for deep connection, spiritual growth and personal transformation for nearly 10 years, but with the recent struggles we are facing as a business we are no longer able to carry on.

We have had so many beautiful souls contribute to Sage’s offering of self-awakening and healing, from the talented and dedicated teachers and bodyworks, the innumerable volunteers and desk staff and of course, you, the students. The memories of smiles, calm faces, radiant connections and soulful tears will always be with me. I am forever grateful for your trust in me and our other teachers to create a magical space for you to evolve.

 We are not the first nor last casualty of the pandemic. This special moment in time is teaching all of us the art of letting go, non-attachement and change. Acceptance is key and we have been training our minds for just this moment. There have been so many tears shed over this transition as the grief of no longer connecting with all of you is at times too much to bear. Thank you for your years of support, the dedication to your practice and helping to create a home away from home for so many to find themselves. The magic that was felt at Sage was because of all of you.

Our yoga teacher training will continue to go on. If you are in our program Naomi and I will be in touch soon with updates. Class passes and memberships will be honored for Zoom classes until July 31st. If you purchased an Annual Membership or Summer Special you will receive a pro-rated refund. Unfortunately classes passes will not be able to be refunded. We thank all of you for your understanding and support as we navigate this difficult time as gracefully as possible. If you have left your mat at Sage, we will be open Monday and Tuesday, July 13th and 14th, for you to pick it up. 

I wish we could have a gathering where I could hug each and everyone of you and we could share our tears together. I know this is a devastating loss to many of you but I trust that something just as beautiful and fulfilling will be born of this time. 

 🌿  Messages to you from a few of your teachers  🌿 
Naomi Jones: "Namaste and thank you for finding your way here".  This is how I would normally begin most classes at Sage.  I think I had these words always at the forefront of my mind because this is how I felt deep within my heart about the studio.  It was kind of like a reminder or prayer that yes, I too have found my way here.  To this special space of awakening.  I have felt so grateful as a student and teacher at Sage for the past five years to be part of your life as I was navigating through mine. A shared experience and one that will stay in my heart and soul forever.  Thank you for seeing me and I feel honored for having the chance to see you.  A special thank you to Marisa Radha Weppner.  Thank you for being the captain of the ship at Sage.  Your soul has navigated many worlds and I am forever changed from being your student, peer, and friend.

Corrine Hathaway: To my Sage Family. I wanted to share what Sage, and what you, have meant to me over the last 10 years. Sage has been a place of community, of love, of respite, of awakening, and so much more to me, as I know it has also been for you. These last several months of not being able to see your faces and tell you that I love you has driven home for me just how much more than a yoga studio Sage was and will always continue to be, in my heart. Many of us have “grown up” at Sage. I know I have. I came to Sage as a student 10 years ago knowing only that yoga made me feel good. Through the wisdom of the Sages I came to understand myself and the way the teachings of Yoga were created to help us in becoming the very best versions of ourselves. It was because of my practice at Sage that I decided to follow a deeper path of Yoga andstudied to become a yoga teacher.

So many important lessons came from my experiences at Sage and with all of you. You are part of my spiritual family, and even as Sage closes its doors, that will not change for me. I am forever and deeply grateful to you all. Thank you, Marisa and Heather, for the dream of Sage and thank you Marisa for inviting me to be a part of this legacy and this family. Thank you, to every soul who has walked through that door and shared time and space with me on or off your yoga mat. I know that the relationships created in this sacred space will continue on in other ways, and even though there is sadness in this ending, I have excitement and hope for a new beginning. From the depths of my heart, I Love You. Love, Corrine.

I’d love to stay in contact. You can email me at or find me on social media @corrine_hathaway on Instagram, Corrine Hathaway or agapecorrine on Facebook.

Love and Blessings Always!

Marisa Radha, Heather, Naomi, Marcy, Dana, Corrine, Eric, Bill, Lori, Liz, Alyssa, Celeste, Tori, Sherika, Monica, Kimberly, Paul, Jackie, Kenna, Michelle, Jesse, Sarah, Issac, Dan, Cristina, Laila, Kathy, Griet, Rachel, Cori, D'Arcy, Stevi, and Tim

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