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XC Race series comes to an end - recap of the year
by Kathy Taerum

The 2021-2022 cross country Grand Prix series started in the same way as the start of last season.  Fortunately, we were able to complete all of the races following COVID-19 protocols.  Starts were staggered with groups of 3 runners departing at 15-second intervals.

River Park race

The season began with 98 runners completing the River Park XC on October 2.  The Cuthbertsons:  John, Rhonda and Zoe ran the 8K, and the Chugg family participants included Anna, Vicki, Phil, Ian as well as Karen.  Happy to see Dave Callaghan and Dave Irvine-Halliday sweeping the course.

Confederation Park Relay

61 teams completed the Confederation relay on October 17.  The weather was mild on race day; not a repeat of the deep snow and cold that occurred in 2020.  Trev Williams, Frank Woolstencroft and Jonathan Roth finished first overall in 40 minutes.  The slowest teams finished in respectable times, just over one hour on the course.  Costumes and wry team names are unique to this cross country race.  Philippe’s team Uno rapido Uno lastimo Uno lento were dressed as lettuce and tomato stuffed tacos and Isabelle’s Queen Bees topped their stripes and antennae with queen bee crowns.  Runners of all ages completed the course; the youngest being wee Madison Bliss.  The usual creek crossings were included in the race.  Matt Jones, who will take over as race director in the fall of 2022, was ready to pull runners up the muddy bank near the finish line. 

CRR Okotoks Race 

There was fresh snow on the ground for the Okotoks race on October 30, but the day was bright and sunny.  Thanks to our friends from the Big Rock Runners for hosting another great cross country race.

Edworthy Race 

Edworthy on November 20 brought an end to Derek Wilkinson’s streak of 224 consecutive cross country races.  He holds a record twenty two Iron Person awards.  Derek was stuck on the west coast when all highways from the Fraser Valley in B.C. to Alberta were closed on account of flooding.  Race day was uncharacteristically dry.  The usual challenges of mud, ice and snow were almost absent.  “Coach” Cal Zaryski came out after a long absence from the XC Grand Prix.  The Nadeaus ran, Jason still bearded and Lori incognito dressed as the “lady in pink”.

Silver Springs Race 

Silver Springs XC took place on December 11 on a sunny day.  Starters had to deal with a strong west wind on the first half of the west loop.  Jason Nadeau was almost unrecognizable without his beard.  Andrew Higgins must have taken a tumble early in the race as he was muddy from the knees down, heading into the east loop of the course.  Derek finished the cross country, back to a count of one race in a row.

Nose Creek XC Race 

54 brave runners completed the Nose Creek XC on January 8.  Calgary hadn’t yet pulled out of the Christmas cold snap and, typical for weather on the day of Nose Creek XC, the weather was cold and clear.  Snow had formed drifts on the north slopes of Nose Creek, leaving the footing a little unstable on the traverse.

Twelve Mile Coulee 

Twelve Mile Coulee on January 22 again coincided with a January Chinook.  The steep downhill was a mix of mud and ice.  Susanne McArthur had mud on her left shoulder, and down both legs.  Dennis Hall was mud covered on his left “cheek” and down the back of both legs.  Other than the peril of the big downhill, it was a perfect course on a perfect day.


Nose Hill XC 

Nose Hill XC on February 5 was the mildest since Trev took over as race director.  Trev changed the course this year, choosing the descent of a long coulee.  Cleats and spiked runners certainly helped keep runners from slipping.  Emmy Leprize and Jay Haney managed to stay vertical without traction aids. For each it was their first cross country race.

Weaselhead XC 

The temperature was 9C on the morning of the Weaselhead XC, Feb. 19.  Though the strong west wind was chilly on the open field at the start, running conditions were very pleasant among the trees on the south shore of Glenmore Reservoir.

Fish Creek XC 

Conditions were just about perfect for the Fish Creek XC on March 5.  Getting from the parking lot to the start line was a bit challenging on account of the freeze/thaw that occurs at this time of year.  The course was run in the reverse direction this year, in order to avoid some of the steeper and icier sections. 

2021-2022 Calgary Roadrunners Cross Country Grand Prix Results                 

Acknowledgement for the permanent volunteers who make this series possible:

Derek Wilkinson, Kathy and Rob Taerum, Barry Wheeler,  Isabelle Pageau, Philippe Lagace, Kim Jones, Philippa Hocking,  Kurt Edwards.

Hurrah all you awesome volunteers!



Soup and dessert recipes - Philippa's Meringues

From this newsletter onward, we are hoping to share some of the recipes that have been used over the years for the gatherings after XC-races. Currently, these gatherings are not organized unfortunately, but with these recipes, you might be able to create some of the atmosphere at home! Here's a cookie recipe from Philippa Hocking. If you want to share your recipe for either soup or dessert with the club, don't hesitate to email it to the editor

Philippa's meringues 
  • Preheat oven to 250 deg F
  • In electric mixer, start beating 4 egg whites with 1/4 teaspoon of cream of tartar.
  • Once foamy, begin adding 1 cup of white sugar, a spoonful at a time.
  • Continue beating until very stiff and shiny.
  • Fold in your choice of flavour and/or colour (vanilla, peppermint, almond, citrus zest, chocolate chips) - whatever you feel like!
  • Drop from a spoon onto parchment-lined cookie sheets.
  • Bake 1 hour at 250F, then turn the oven off and leave the meringues in there until the oven is back to room temperature.
  • Peel meringues off the parchment and store in air-tight container

200th parkrun!

By Suzanne Brooks

On 5th February 2022 a local free weekly run called “Nosehill parkrun” reached its 200th event!

It all started in September 2016 at Nosehill park, beside the Shaganappi and Edgemont Boulevard car park. It’s a weekly 5k timed run and it’s free to enter, and fully organized by volunteers. The route is the same each week, as well as the start time of 9am. Participants sign up for free via the website and they are sent a personal barcode via email. After the run the personal barcode is scanned to match each finisher position and the results are emailed to participants the same morning. 

It’s a fun community event as the participants are invited to the local Friends cafe afterwards to socialise, warm up, discuss their performance and recover. 

There are actually many parkruns all over the world at 9am every Saturday morning and participants can use their barcode to take part at any of them by just turning up. The latest count across Canada is 46 locations with 5 throughout Alberta, with plans for many more.

Runners/walkers/volunteers all get credits every time they take part to work towards milestone T shirts - 25, 50, 100, 250, 500. But although there is no T shirt for “200” the Nosehill event was celebrated with cake at the local cafe instead. The stars aligned for the event Director and Calgary Road Runner member (Suzanne Brooks) who actually ran her 200th parkrun on the same day. She started Nosehill parkrun after running 100 events in the U.K. (where parkrun originated). 

The mission of parkrun is to work towards a happier healthier planet. It started in the U.K. in 2004 and now takes place in 24 countries. Check it out for yourself any Saturday morning!
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