Welcome to the Ubiquity Press Editorial Newsletter

Welcome to Editorial Newsletter No. 02: February 2015

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This month's content:

1. Journal Redesign
2. UC Press Open Access Monographs
3. New Journals
4. New Editorial Manager

1. Journal Redesign

We are delighted to share the beta version of our new journal design. This has been launched on The Comics Grid initially and we now seek feedback from the community as we begin to roll out the design to all journals. The new design can be viewed here: and your comments are welcomed.

A few features of the new design:
  • Cleaner submission system, allowing a simple 5-step submission process for authors, including ORCID login, drag-and-drop file uploads and dataset integration
  • Better article tracking for editors, making it easier to see which articles require attention
  • Responsive design for mobile devices
  • New article layout, including a new font, dynamic in-text references and a dyslexia-friendly font
  • More article sharing options via social media
  • A more visible submission button
  • Better integrated article-level metrics
We plan to roll out the new design to all journals over the next month, but please do send any feedback to your Editorial Manager in advance of this.

2. Luminos: UC Press Open Access Monographs

Ubiquity Press is working with University of California Press to help them publish a series of open access monographs. UC Press's monograph program, Luminos, maintains the same high standards for selection, peer review, production, and marketing as the Press's traditional books program, but shares costs among all parties who benefit from publication—author or institution, publisher, and libraries. The first books will be published in Autumn 2015. Ubiquity Press will develop a press portal similar to the one used to deliver Ubiquity Press books. Further details of UC Press's open access monograph project are available here:

3. New Journals

In the past month we launched two journals on our platform - one brand new and one already established:
  • Citizen Science: Theory and Practice: This new journal is published on behalf of the Citizen Science Association and is one of the first titles to report of the practice of citizen science.
  • Pediatric Neurology Briefs: this is a 'Stage 1' journal, where we are providing the hosting platform only, and therefore can help speciality journals, small societies, or developing country journals that cannot afford APCs.
We welcome the editors and authors from both journals and look forward to working with you.

4. New Staff Member: Sam Hall

We are pleased to welcome Sam Hall who started as Editorial Manager in January. Sam joins the team from Sage where he was an Editorial Assistant for humanities and social sciences journals.
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