A Snapshot and Story from the Kelleys serving in Hungary! 
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Which teacher do you remember most clearly? Did you ever go back to visit them when you were older? For many third-culture kids (TCKs), this isn’t possible. Either they or their teachers are now thousands of miles away from the classroom they shared.

At many international Christian schools, teachers play overlapping roles. They are surrogate aunts and uncles cheering at sporting events and attending concerts. They may also be youth pastor and coach and your best friend’s dad. They are Gospel Livers, Anytime Prayers, and Tear Catchers. When a teacher leaves, there are many roles and heart-holes to fill and we know from experience that these relationships take years to develop. It took two years of spending six to seven days a week at ICSB before our students stopped asking us how long we were going to stay in Budapest.

International Christian schools can see two-thirds of the staff turnover in one year. In the 2017-2018 school year, the middle school floor at ICSB will see around a 70% turnover.  Of the teachers pictured above, Dave will be the only one still teaching in middle school. The need to return to ICSB to provide stability for our students and teammates weighs heavily on our minds. Some teachers leave on home assignment and don’t come back. We need to be ones that come back.  

We are passionate about ministry to TCKs because there is a tremendous need for qualified teachers who are willing to be there for the long-term. The future, and possibly the very souls, of our TCKs depend on it.

Perhaps you will join these people who recently made a monthly pledge and said,
“ We support what y'all are doing and feel compelled to stand behind you.”

Thank you to all of you who have already partnered with us in ministry to third-culture kids! We cannot do this important work without you. By God's grace, we'll fill some heart-holes together. 
We currently have 84% of the monthly financial pledges we need. This means we need about $1,200 more in pledges per month.

We must have 100% of the monthly pledges submitted to WorldVenture in order to return to Hungary and ICSB. Please pray about your partnership with us in ministry to TCKs.  We are praying for financial partners that will join the team with a monthly, quarterly or annual pledge, for any amount. 
Partner Financially Now

Budapest Bound

In addition to regular pledges, there are two other ways to help us on our way back to Budapest.

1. Host A Small Group
We are looking for people who are willing to gather groups of about 4-12 friends to have a great time learning about ministry to TCKs at ICSB.  This is a fun, low-key, one-time game event that will last about two hours. 

If you have been considering hosting, the time to schedule is now! We are quickly approaching our planned departure. Please e-mail us with dates that will work for your group so we can get you on the calendar soon!

2. Cover some of our outgoing expenses
Transportation to Budapest - $9,500 covered! 
Hungarian language study - $3,000
Household setup (we rented a furnished house last term) - $8,500
Car to hold three booster seats - $10,000

Help cover our outgoing expenses by clicking HERE and selecting "Special Donation"! 

Pray With Us

We are beginning to feel the crunch - Please continue to pray with us for responses from people willing to host and attend small group game nights. Our ability to meet new people and raise the support we need to return to ICSB depends largely on these groups

Please pray for our family as we seek to manage the stress of transition. 

Please pray with us that God will supply all of our necessary financial support by the end of March 2017

Please pray with us that God will supply more financial support than we need in time to return to Budapest in June 2017
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