A Snapshot and Story from the Kelleys serving in Hungary! 
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Pray With Us

Please pray with us the God will provide a larger vehicle.
  • Allister has now outgrown the current harness configuration of his booster seat, but we can’t change it until we have more room therefore he is traveling in a less-than-safe way.
  • Annora is also required by law to ride in a booster seat, but we can’t fit another one in the back seat. 

Praise God that the students have caught the vision of the Movie Underground! Pray with us that they will continue to make a point to attend and engage in discussion.

Please pray that God will help us as we select which movies to show at the next Movie Undergound.  We have parents that allow their teens to watch pretty much anything and parents that are much more restrictive. It is a challenge to find movies that address the issues we seek to discuss, appeal to students and satisfy parents. 
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Audio Transcript:

Some of you might remember Dave and I talking about our desire to start a movie club for students while we were visiting with you last year on our Home Assignment. We wanted to start a movie club where we would carefully select movies with weighty world view themes and watch them with the students.  We wanted to set aside time for the students to reflect on what they saw, and for Dave to then guide them in wrestling with some of the main thematic ideas of the film. The goal of the club was to build on what Dave is already teaching them in History class – to think critically about real-world issues from a solid Biblical worldview.

We kept the dream alive during our transition back to I.C.S.B. As we were looking at houses, one of the things on our wish list was a property that had space to host a movie club. Our school principal was supportive when we pitched the idea this fall, so we began shaping what they club could look like in our present situation. Now that idea now has a name, a logo, a dedicated space in our underground garage and has become a reality.  We hosted the first 8th grade-only Movie Undergound last month.

We played up the mysterious nature of the name by limiting advertising to word-of-mouth, except for the branded permission slip we sent home. We ended up with 10 curious students in a fixed-up section of the basement.  They ate, laughed, watched Wonder Woman and had a guided worldview discussion by candlelight before their parents picked them up.

We are really excited about this new ministry venue. It is a great blend of our interests and abilities. It means a lot to the students to be invited into our home. They get to see us in a context outside of the classroom and connect what we are teaching to how we live in the real world. They are challenged to integrate life and faith alongside us. 

The students who came have caught the vision and have been asking for another Movie Underground and telling their classmates how cool the first one was. We plan to host another Movie Undergound before Christmas break. 
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