A Snapshot and Story from the Kelleys serving in Hungary! 
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To The People Who Love Our Kids

You probably remember our kids when they looked something like this.  The A-team has transformed during our three-year term. Many of you have been praying faithfully for them. Dave and I have seen your prayers answered and we are profoundly grateful.

We have been given great kids and we’re looking forward to re-introducing them to you.  Here are some practical suggestions for interacting with them when you see them this year.

Expect them to be different

You can expect our kids to be different from the kids that you remember.  Getting older means their little bodies and minds have grown and their personalities have become more pronounced. They will like to hear the stories of what they were like when you knew them, but please realize if you want to make a real connection with them you will be starting over since they only truly remember a handful of people.

You can also expect them to be different from other kids you know. They can tell you how to ride the metro or find ripe figs, but might struggle to open a door. Did you know there aren’t door knobs in Hungary, only handles? We’ve tried to explain the differences we remember, but a quiet, matter-of-fact explanation and demonstration will go a long way when they are too tired or uncomfortable to remember how to flush an American toilet.

Expect them to be decent

Missionary kids are just regular kids. Like other TCKs, our kids are not necessarily more mature socially or spiritually than others the same age. Big transitions are tough and pretty messy emotionally. This means that at times our kids will push boundaries. Some days will be harder than others, but you should expect and insist that they act like decent human beings.  Yes, please give them grace, but also gentle instruction in equal measure.

They will need chances to make mistakes and space to be embarrassed. They will need smiles, winks and kind (but heartfelt) words to build them up again. Then they will need the opportunity start fresh until they can get it right. Show them you love them by taking the time to help them learn and practice following the rules and to use appropriate social skills. (Yes, Allister gave the OK on this photo!) 


We are doing our best to get them ready for this jump across the pond and train them for adulthood, but we are very aware that we are not perfect parents.  (See above photo if you have doubts.) We trust that God will use you to help shore up our weaknesses and fill in our gaps. 

Thank you for loving our kids.

Home Assignment 

The following is a brief update on our current needs during our Home Assignment which will begin in July.  We will add to this list as our departure date gets closer. 

We have:
  • The use of a reliable car for the entire length of our Home Assignment. 
  • An affordable and family-friendly place to live in Wheatland, WY! A fantastic answer to many prayers. 
We are currently praying for:
  • Opportunities to visit churches, Sunday Schools, small groups and individuals to encourage them to persevere in the mission of God.  We are planning these appointments starting in August. Please e-mail if you would like to set something up early. 
  • Provisions to get us started in our new home.  Please e-mail if you are interested in an list of needed items. 

Pray With Us

Thank you for praying for a special place for us to live during our home assignment. Praise God! This little place in Wheatland fits perfectly with our needs and is just another reminder of God's gracious care. 

Please pray for stamina and presence of mind to finish the school year well. There are many demands on our time and attention, but we desire to focus on the most important and eternal things each day. 
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