A Snapshot and Story from the Kelleys serving in Hungary! 
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Pray With Us

  • We now begin the longest section of the school year.  Pray with us that we will work with hopeful endurance. 
  • Annora has hurt her back. Please pray with us that God will direct us to the right medical professional to help us get her feeling better soon.
  • Praise God with us for the provision of a new, reliable and spacious vehicle! May we use it be a blessing in our community and for his glory.
  • Praise God with us that because of his love, we have a reason for hope and joy in 2018! 
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Audio Transcript:

Like most families we have work-day morning struggles. The most consistent time drain was getting everyone buckled into our car. The car that once fit two booster seats and a car seat, does not hold three booster seats, even if everyone leans in and we shut the rear doors simultaneously. Believe me, we tried.  So, we used an exact loading procedure to minimize pinched fingers and tears of frustration.

A little more space was one reason we were looking for a larger vehicle.  We needed a little more space to meet the booster seat laws in Hungary (one kid was riding without).  We wanted to be able to offer rides to friends, family, students and others. Finding a larger vehicle in our price range proved to be more difficult that we imagined.

Buying a used car as a foreigner usually means going through a kind of agent.  This agent can verify that the car documents and maintenance records are genuine in a market rife with corruption. Our agent looked for several months before he found one suitable for Dave to test drive.  The vehicle was in good condition and the agent considered it a good deal. However, it was just out of our price range. We re-evaluated the funds we have for our set up expenses and we didn’t feel we could budge on our upper limit.

Our agent was frustrated.  We were disappointed.  More than three months passed with no leads. In early December, after Allister outgrew his only possible booster seat configuration in our smaller car, we asked our partner churches to pray specifically about finding a vehicle. Less than a week later, our agent called again to tell us the seller of the vehicle Dave had test driven was now willing to sell it to us for the exact amount we could afford. He was very surprised and impressed with the great deal we were getting, but we weren’t. We know that God provides and answers prayers in his time. 

So far, we’ve been able to use our Ford Galaxy to drive several hours to deliver gifts to Roma children, give rides to a college student, and haul things we couldn’t have if we were still driving the Skoda.  Speaking of the Skoda, we were able to find a buyer within our organization and that process is moving forward. 

Thank you for praying with us that God would provide a larger vehicle for our family! He has answered, and we are grateful.
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