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Good morning, good afternoon, and good evening to you whenever you read this. Welcome to the final 2021 edition of Three Thing Thursday (TTT). I could talk about 2021 and "how it was challenging", etc. Maybe even do some sort of a wrap-up, but yeah, I'm sure you've read enough of those emails so I'll spare your inbox.

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TTT is a monthly (ish) newsletter that gives you three things to help you perform better as you age in all aspects of your life. This email format allows me to go deeper than what an Instagram post would let me do, but also be shorter than a 45-minute podcast. Some would say it "hits different".

Fun Random Fact: I've successfully published 12 newsletters in a row (the most consistent I've ever been). And in an ironic fashion, I'll reward myself by taking time off from the newsletter for a bit. This is so that I can produce even higher quality future newsletters that differ from my podcast and social media content. I also will be sprinting over to substack as I've realized that is a much better place for this newsletter to live.

In this Dec 2021 edition, I’ll touch on consistency, 5k racing tips, and if ice baths even work.

Spoiler: like all things in life and old folks pissing… it all depends (c) Kanye West.

Let’s jump (errr run?!) into it

Thing 1: Don’t be fast. Be Consistent.
A new segment for TTT called “30-second thoughts”.

In 30 seconds or less, I’ll give you a random existential thought that was floating around my head and you can take that to train, race and live better.

More people should strive to be consistent instead of fast. Because...
Fast is the bi product of consistency.
Better performance as you age comes with habits.
This can be applied to endurance sports, art and life.


  • Running: Sub 2hour marathoner Eliud Kipchogee has had a consistent career with very few injuries
  • Music: Mike Jackson was consistent for 20 plus years with hit after hit. 
  • Finance: an 18 year old that invests 10% of their pay each month - at age 30 is financially independent

Be like Eliud, Mike and the 18-year-old - be consistent. Fast and better will come.

Thing 2: The 6 best ways to run a faster 5k

The 5k running race… It’s a race most people in the running world are very familiar with.

You’ve either started your run race career doing a 5k and graduated to a half marathon and up.

Or… if you’re like me, you are focusing on running your fastest 5k
But how do you get faster at the 5k?

Go here to find out how

Thing 3: Do Ice Baths help or hurt endurance athletes?

“Science is always changing its mind”
That quote is usually a statement from someone that doesn’t understand science and in particular the scientific method.

Ironically, that’s the whole point of science! Scientists only know what they know and then know more and change their minds.

Go here to find out if ice baths are good for endurance athletes.

Thing 3.5 - Notable Quotable For 2021
"Tough Times Never Last - Tough People Only Last"
- Demi Demi 

Cool - That's a wrap for 2021. Thanks for all your support, I couldn't have done it without you. (Accepts award on stage and gets played out by the orchestra)

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