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Pull up a chair, pour some coffee--and set your alarm clocks. The nights of August 11 and 12 (US) are prime viewing for the annual Perseid meteor shower. Never seen it? Plan to get up at 3:00AM EDT tonight for a peek.   -- Charlie

Trust Around The Web

• LinkedIn has been a stock market darling  for investors, and a nightmare for and search firms. So, Do You Still Need a Resume in the LinkedIn Era? Actually, yes, says Alexandra Samuel in HBR.

• Why (Most) Training is Useless. A classic from David Maister, due for a reprise about now. Are you hiring trainers without buying coaching? Are you selling training without checking metrics? Are you sending people to training only to return them to cynical managers?  Then your training is, let's face it, largely useless. A wet fish smack upside the head for a lot of us.  

• Why did Jeff Bezos buy the Washington Post, anyway? There's no shortage of theories. A positive view comes from (in)famous analyst Henry Blodget in BusinessInsider. A little more mainstream is BusinessWeek's take. Normally cynical Slate has a breathless paean to Bezos by Farhad Manjoo. Even lefty FiredogLake sees it as a play against Google. So we're left looking for solid cynicism elsewhere; John Cassidy in The New Yorker gives us some, but econ-socio-blogger Ian Welsh cuts to the chase – it's a power play pure and simple. You can now make up your own mind.    

• How to Die with Dignity. Seattle's Jane Lotter is magnifying her already-positive impact while alive through the example she taught in her passing. Not a sob story, but a really uplifting tale of how to Get It Right.  

• Move, Eat, Learn. What's it look like to travel around the world in 1 minute? It looks pretty cool! Three guys, 11 countries, 44 days – and a terabyte of footage seamlessly cut into three 1-minute videos. Betcha can't not smile.      

• Now stop learning for a minute, and let's get meta. Just how do we learn? And how can we do it better? BigThink summarizes a paper giving Ten Techniques for Improving Learning, and ranks their relative effectiveness. Did you know practice testing is way better than summarizing or re-reading?           

Are you effective with your sales? Our friends at Rain Group have a free eBook, Why Sales Training Fails, which is no fluff, 41 pages long, and based on a lot of research on best (and worst) practices. Not to mention seven specific reasons why sales training fails. Go check it out and get your free copy.

• Most people don't under-perform; they're under-led. Randy Conley runs the Trust Practice for the Ken Blanchard Companies. Here he gives five ways leaders sabotage performance. I'm buying it.  

• How do you know you're overpaid? Gobbling way more than your share of GDP, the environment, and space on the planet? How do you know you're yuppie scum? One guess – if you're buying a BMW MacLaren Baby Stroller. The Ultimate Bragging Machine.  (Accessorizable. Universal expandable footmuff comes extra). 

• In the Clip o' The Week: Don't Always Exceed Expectations. Wait – aren't we supposed to do just that? Actually, no – It's just another form of evading the truth.  Be the first to email me and tell me what expectation you create this way,  and I'll send you a free copy of one of my books (your choice).  

Blog Picks o' the Week

The Number One Mental Illness in Business
We've all got blind spots, some of them very dangerous. But the most dangerous are the blind spots we don't even know about. And the number one culprit is – well, I don't know what to call it. Do you? It has to do with seeing things in isolation, not in relationship. READ MORE...

Expense Sheets and Cultures of Trust
In Shanghai, they're selling fake expense receipts by the bundle, and government graft is rife. Ah those Chinese, right? No, not right. There's plenty of bad trust in other business cultures too – it just comes in different flavors. Here are a few of the western variety. READ MORE...

Unconscious (Ethical) Incompetence: the Curious Case of SAC Capital Advisors
Most of the time when we hear about corporate malfeasance, we attribute bad motives to the players. Sometimes we're right. But more often than not, it's not bad intentions – it's more like a form of moral blindness. Which is often scarier. Which brings us to SAC... READ MORE...  


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