Kathy Crabbe's Arty Happenings Newsletter ~ February 2013
Kathy Crabbe's Arty Happenings Newsletter
Big Changes Afoot!

I'm re-designing my website to make it easier for you to purchase prints, cards and originals of ALL my most popular work (about time!) so stay tuned.

We'Moon Datebook Is Publishing My Original Print: Freebird

Woohoo! My original handpulled print titled Freebird will appear in the upcoming We'Moon 2014 Datebook. This print was originally created for the cover of Pat Proud's CD: Freeborn: Songs of a Playful Sage. The We'Moon Datebook is what I use to keep track of the moon and for it's lovely artwork and writing, all submitted by it's readers. My art and writing have previously been published in We'Moon in 1993, '95, '05 & '08. Each year We'Moon accepts submissions from their readers so I encourage you to enter (see link below).

Kathy Crabbe, Freebird, 2009, linoleum block print on hand dyed tissue paper, 4x4”.
Kathy Crabbe, Freebird, 2009, linoleum block print on hand dyed tissue paper, 4x4”.

Upcoming Art Exhibit Where You Can See Freebird

Small But Mighty Print Exhibition
Riverside Art Museum
Riverside, California
Exhibition Dates: February 2 – March 2, 2013
Opening night reception:  Thursday, February 7, 6-9 pm, during Art Walk

How to Purchase Art from this Newsletter

To purchase prints, cards or the original Freebird or the work pictured in the newsletter header (except for Vera) please click here: Kathy Crabbe Art or email me.
Art pictured in my newsletter's header starting on the left:
Ms. Iridescent Hibiscus celebrates Valentine's Day (watercolor, gouache, ink & marker on paper)
Lovey (watercolor on rice paper)
Peace Within, Peace Without (watercolor on paper)
Vera (silk painting)

I'm Now Posting Daily Drawings on My Blog

To keep tabs with my Daily Drawings please check out my Blog where you can sign up to receive email notices each time I create a new post. I also share my Daily Drawings and lots more good stuff on my Facebook Fan Page: Kathy Crabbe Art  so please stop by and "Like" my page when you have a moment.

Sparkly Blessings,
Kathy Crabbe

Kathy Crabbe 12-12

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