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Writing News, FREE Fiction and Barbarian Loot - July 2014


Here I am, fresh from the Supanova Expo and The Game of Thrones Exhibition. Both were a lot of fun, although I’ve been slack and haven’t blogged about Supanova yet. 

Writing News

Stalking the Demon

I’ve just completed the third draft. I made a complete mess of the first draft, and threw out 7500 words and wrote a whopping new 10,500 words – in what is only a 29,000 word story! Of the first 15,000 words, only 3,500 made the cut from the first draft.

Fortunately, the back end was fantastic and I managed to keep most of it. I’m hoping to get this out to beta readers this week. If you haven’t already seen them, check out the excerpts from Stalking the Demon in my Monday Morsel series of blog posts. You can also download a sneak peak excerpt from the beginning here. It's still pre-edits, so there may be errors and I can't promise I won't change things.


Had a blast at this three-day pop culture expo with fellow fantasy author Dionne Lister where we were exhibiting with our books. The cosplayers were fun to watch, and I pride myself on picking some more obscure characters like Abaddon from Supernatural and Ancksunamun from The Mummy (which was a brave costume choice!). There were lots of Game of Thrones cosplayers, particularly Danaerys, including one with a particularly impressive set of dragons. I managed to pick up a photo with an ‘Arya Stark’ and ‘Jon Snow’ and even joined in the fun on the Sunday with a steampunk-themed corset and skirt.

The Game of Thrones Exhibition

The GoT Exhibit unexpectedly came to Sydney in the first week of July for a whirlwind tour of 5 days. As the exhibit was free, it had a massive queue of 6 hours waiting time on its opening day and averaged 4 hours each day thereafter. I went with my new cover artist, Lydia Kurnia, of Worlds Beyond Art. I had to work, so she was generous enough to go and queue up for us – she entertained herself while waiting by working on the cover art for Stalking the Demon! I raced down to join her at 11:30 and we entered around 12pm. The exhibit was incredible, featuring many costumes, weapons and other items from the set, but the highlights were the Iron Throne (which you can sit in) and of course the virtual reality experience of climbing The Wall – which I can personally attest is incredibly convincing. See the pictures on my blog post here.

Website Revamp

I am updating my website. You may have seen some changes recently if you’ve been there, some new content, some new pages, and some downloadable bonus content for readers – I will be working on expanding what’s available here as I have time. I’m also going to switch the website – check out the three layouts I’m considering and tell me what you like! The switch is likely to take more time and may not happen before the release of Stalking the Demon.

Short Fiction - The Alarming Appearance of an Absent Friend (Part 2) 

Download the full text of this short story here to read the conclusion and to receive Parts 1 and 2 in a handy to keep .pdf format. This is an older story, so I'm not pretending it's my best work!

Barbarian Loot

Did you know you can have your very own full-size replica of the Iron Throne? It would look just great in my office, but I’m afraid this throne is only for those with a spare $30,000 lying around. Plus shipping, which will set you back another cool $2,500.

Thinking of buying a new car? Why bother when you can have an Iron throne instead! If you're still brave enough to be interested, or just can't believe it until you see it with your own eyes, check it out here.
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