Thank You For Praying With Us -
We've Seen Such Mighty Breakthroughs

WOW! - the things that have happened since I last wrote and asked you to pray with us!

The floodgates have opened with Christianityworks being invited to contribute a weekly radio message to air on All India Radio across 16 states with a weekly audience of
30 million listeners (I'll share more about that soon when our newsletter is ready).

That's the power of prayer. Let me be a tad more specific .... that's the power of your prayer.  Thank you for praying with us and here are some more prayer points so that you know specifically how you can pray again this month.

The Lord bless ya heaps! -Berni


As I said, some truly amazing doors have opened.  Please pray earnestly with us so that many, many .... many lives will be touched by the love of God through our radio broadcasts.

Please pray for:
  1. Give praise & thanks for the open doors to proclaim Christ
  2. All the program production & logistics to fall in place
  3. The Lord to provide all the resources & finances required to make this happen
  4. The ground-breaking kingdom partnership with HCJB Global Radio network - working together in unity for the glory of our King!

Ministry Celebration Lunch

Melbourne Luncheon

On Saturday the 31st of March, Christianityworks & HCJB Global will be hosting a Special Celebration Lunch for friends and supporters (click here to view the invitation).

Please pray that:
  1. All those whom the Lord wants to be there, will come
  2. Many will learn the most important things they can do to see their loved ones come to Christ
  3. The Lord will bless the event, and open the hearts of those who come to pray for and support the ministry of HCJB & Christianityworks across India
And please remember, we'd love you to join us. Lunch on the 31st of March.  Click here for more details!
This family needs your prayer!

The New Generation

We've seen so many people coming to our Blog Site and engaging in such a deep way with the Gospel - read the latest post on what to do when you're too ashamed to take Communion.

Please pray for:
  1. A wider exposure for the Blog through other social media - so that even more will come

  2. Berni as he writes new blog posts and responds to the many who become involved in the in-depth discussions
  3. The life-changing truth of the Gospel to transform a whole new generation through this Blog

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